Stick ‘em Up Day Nine

I shore am getting tired of this here campaign to raise funds. Some of you folks have been paying up, but too many of you are sitting on your wallets.

Now come on. Get on over there to the right sidebar and make a donation to the good padre. It encourages him no end. Let me tell you a secret. He says all the money is going on helping to pay for his good work spreading the good news. Well I believe him. He ain’t one of these preachers who preach revival talk and then fleece you for your money so’s he can heal you but maybe not. Nope. He just works hard to build up his following and spread the good news, and the way you can help is to make a donation.

I know you want to do the right thing and help spread the good news, but you’re too lily livered to get up and do it yourself. Let’s face it, you ain’t gonna go out street preaching or knockin on doors or nuthin’ like that. So why don’t you get involved by helping the good padre.

Here’s your chance! Be generous. $50.00 is only about fifteen cents a day for a whole year.

So get going! Git!