Many thanks to those of you who contributed to the annual Stick ‘em Up Campaign. There were a few large gifts, many smaller gifts and some in between. I’m very humbled and grateful for your loyalty as readers and your help as I attempt to reach even further with the good news of the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic church.

Many thanks for your help. This next year I plan to continue my free, weekly newsletter, to publish three new books, extend the reach of my weekly radio show and continue blogging. Stay tuned, and remember to be in touch with your comments, your ideas and your feedback.

Thanks again for your generosity—and if you did not pitch it, well, there’s still two days left to this year’s campaign.

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  • wayne

    You were an Evangelical, then an anglican now a catholic? What happened? What can turn you fromChrist and into a religion of idol worship? You must like idols i guess. Thats sad.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Thanks for your comment. I encourage you to take the time to discover what Catholics really believe. We don’t worship idols. Why not be open minded enough to learn about what we really believe rather than what you think we believe?