Two New Churches – Take Your Pick


Stephanie at Digital Hairshirt highlights this proposed church for Florida

If any Catholic billionaires are thinking about donating to build this church may I suggest that you call me to discuss funding this church instead? It’s the church we’re trying to build at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville, SC. To learn more about this project go here.

  • Reluctant Liberal

    Yeah, as left as I’ve gone, I still don’t understand modern architecture. That first picture just looks like a ton of wasted space.

  • Sheila

    The second church is nice, but the first church looks like a sea shell gone wrong. Sorry, but can we please have beautiful structures!

  • Magnus

    The second church reminds of our past and our identity; an anchor for the future that respects our traditions.

    The first pic? Let’s just say that it’s a nice fantasy bldg for Star Trek but doesn’t embrace our Catholic identity.

  • FW Ken

    I don’t object to modern architecture in general. One of the most prayerful places in which I’ve worshipped was the abbey church at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina. Google it.

    That said, I would have to say the conch shell is fairly pretentious. It might be fine inside, but I’m not hopeful.

  • Tom Grelinger

    The first church reminds of those cone like shapes that are on people’s houses.

  • veritas

    Rome really needs to issue STRONG instructions about the theological principles involved in the design of a church.
    A Catholic Church should be based on the Temple of Solomon – with a drawing of the parishoner to the awesomeness of God and the Reality of Christ in the Tabernacle (replacing Solomon’s Holy of Holies).
    A Catholic Church should be a reflection of Heaven and the description of the worship in Heaven is beautifully described in John’s Book of Revelation. Remarkably the description in Revelation, with the altar and incense and Lamb of God bears a uncanny parrallel to a Catholic High Mass.

    It is not remarkable really, because the Mass is an illustration of the worship in Heaven.

    The building in which all this takes place should be worthy of it.

  • Will

    I have seen some beautiful old churches in Europe and the US and some beautiful new churches. St. Bartholomew in Columbus, Indiana is a beautiful Catholic Church. The (non-catholic) Unity Temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, Illinois is a beautiful church (