Enjoy The Vicar for the Holidays

Looking for a little light refreshment for the holidays? Want a good, entertaining short story to enjoy during some down time? Why not purchase the first of the Adventures of Humphrey Blytherington. The Vicar of Great Snoring tells how bumbling Humphrey with his formidable wife Daphne end up ensconced in the huge country vicarage in the village of Great Snoring. They overcome a dastardly dean, meet Major Wildebeest and encounter a wild beast of the farmyard sort. Jump here and buy it for your Kindle or other e-reader for $2.99, or if you would like to download to read on your computer you can use the ‘Buy Now’ button at the bottom of this post and download it for just $1.99.

  • Angela

    For your UK based readers it is available on the amazon.co.uk site for £1.92, I was so pleased to get a kindle for Christmas and be able to read this, I’m looking forward to the next instalment of the vicars adventures!

  • http://jenniferfitz.wordpress.com Jennifer Fitz

    Woohoo! Just got my copy. (Had been neglecting the internet lately). Yipee! Thanks, Fr. L!

  • mama of many nerdlings

    I thought it was a sweet little tale. I like Rev. Humph and our Daff. Written lightly in the flavor of Wodehouse, with the Morris Dance and the strange goings on after that ruin his clothing and his complexion and the good work Daphne does to solve the problem as best she can.

    I did enjoy it very much and gave it a recommendation to a friend who had no idea it was out.

    Lovely little tale.