The Vicar of Great Snoring

 I was telling some folks the story of how Daphne and I ended up coming here to Great Snoring in the first place, and they were really rather amused by it all. Said I ought to scribble it down.

It’s been rather dozy here in the village so Daff suggested I have a go at it, so it’s going to be available here next week sometime as one of these new fangled sort of e-book thingies.

It’s turned out to be a full length short story, and I know you’ll want to read it. It was all rather a muddle what with the local Morris Dancers and Major Wildebeest and Marjorie Huffington-Post and a few scrapes here and there…

Stay tuned, and in a few days’ time, once I’ve figured out how to twiddle this thingamabob and make it all work you’ll be able to read the story.

  • Ryan M.

    Can’t wait to read it!

  • mike cliffson

    Watch out vicar, or the author of Harry Potter will go on another novelistic venture (to get respect from the luvvies? perish the thought) with your story, n beat you to it.
    You have been warned

  • Dorothy

    I went to the B&N online store but there is no listing for The Vicar of Great Snoring. I have a Nook. Will I eventually be able to download it to my Nook?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      I’ll check it out. I hope so!