Wake Up and Smell the Catastrophe

You know the theory that a frog put in a pan of water will stay there as the temperature rises and the poor thing doesn’t sense the increase in temperature and eventually boils to death.

The biggest problem with American Catholics is that the majority of them are asleep. Lulled by materialism, the good life and the cares of the world, they’re blind to the real crisis facing America and blind to the real crisis facing the Catholic Church. They’re frogs in a pan of water.

We need to wake up and smell the catastrophe. We need to be aware that the temperature’s rising.

The catastrophe is that certain implicitly modern ways of viewing the world have crept into our society and have undermined a Catholic world view. The first of these is relativism–the idea that there is no such thing as truth, or if there is such a thing as truth you can’t know what it is, you can’t express it, and you certainly cannot attempt to impose it anyone else. Relativism relegates all truth claims to personal opinion. You have your truth. I have my truth. You say po-ta-to. I say po-tah-to. If all truth is relative than anything goes. Think it through. If all truth is relative then you may do what you please and I must tolerate it.

The second poison in modern society which has seeped into the Catholic Church is utilitarianism. This is the belief that what is useful is what is good. We want our technology to work. We want our infrastructure to be efficient and economical, and that’s fine, but when we apply utilitarian principles to moral choices the result is deadly. Suddenly a person’s worth is determined by how useful they are or what ‘quality of life’ they have or whether it is costing us a lot to keep them alive. Utilitarianism has infected the mindset of Catholics so that they choose worship style, marriage choices and most every other choice according to what is useful, economic or practical.

The third thing that poisons modern Catholicism is sentimentalism. This is when people choose only according to what seems nice, compassionate or caring. We must, of course, be nice, compassionate and caring, but there are other criteria for choice as well, and if the only criteria for choice is to be compassionate, caring and nice, then what happens when it seems more “compassionate” to provide abortion for a poor woman or more “caring” to terminate the life of the aged or the infirm or the disabled? Sentimentalism combined with utilitarianism leads to death camps.

American Catholics who don’t think this will happen here are asleep. They’re like the frog in the pan of boiling water–the temperature increases bit by bit until they are boiled to death and all along they just thought it was getting more and more warm and comfy.

It’s Advent. Wake up and smell the catastrophe. Realize where this country is headed. Realize that already our hospitals have complicated “Do not resuscitate procedures” which are similar to England’s “Liverpool Care Pathway”. This euphemistically named procedure was first devised by caring and compassionate doctors to provide a way to care for terminally ill patients. Now it is being used to euthanize the old and even newborns with disabilities.

Wake up and smell the catastrophe. It is all much further along than you think. Remember the Nazis did not start out with thugs in leather boots with swastikas and skulls on their uniforms. They started with legislation by an elected government–legislation put in place by professionals in white coats who quietly began to weed out the mentally disabled, the infirm and the unfit.

Do you think it cannot happen here?

You’re a frog in the cooking pot…and the temperature’s rising.

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  • scjmb03

    Do not resuscitate or DNR orders are only refer to the use of CPR or advanced cardiac life support; as a result, a person will not receive CPR or intubation, but continues all other healthcare treatment. DNR orders do not closely resemble the Liverpool Care Pathway. There are decisions made and orders issued through individuals, healthcare power of attorneys, and doctors that resemble the Liverpool Care Pathway especially in hospice programs, but these are not DNR orders. Let’s use the appropriate terms to ensure that people entering hospitals and talking to their doctors use the proper terminology.

  • http://rantingcatholicmom.blogspot.com Suzanne

    Amen! I spent yesterday at first Saturday services on an elegant farm with a beautiful chapel. I couldn’t help but think that, if we are not careful, small private Masses may be the only way we can worship in the not too distant future. Truly Catholic schools may be closing their doors this year. Truly Catholic hospitals and charities will do likewise. Perhaps in preparation, in case the HHS mandate passes the court tests in the next few months, our bishops should be collecting names of home-school families and private doctors who can fill in the empty places left when the major institutions close.

  • Vincent

    Good blog, Father! (And good homily, as well!) I suspect utilitarianism is also closely connected with most prejudices. “What you offer society is not as helpful as what I can do.” Or, “What you offer doesn’t make sense to me or is threatening to my lifestyle, therefore, I must marginalize you.”

  • Lynda

    I witnessed all three of these contaminants today from “practising” and “communicating” Catholics after Mass in my parish today when I was giving out leaflets asking people to attend a crucial pro-life rally here in Ireland, where the abortion lobby is close to its aim to legalise the abomination of the killing of defenceless babies in utero. Tragically, the majority of Catholic priests in Ireland have failed to teach the truth in the Faith and Morals for decades, thereby implicitly teaching relativism and sentimentalism instead. Please pray for Ireland at this time. Thank you.

  • http://www.StLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    Has anyone ever tried to test the frog in the pot theory?

  • Ginny

    Spot on. The majority of American Catholics have turned away from God and toward the Beast. Darkness has indeed fallen over Christianity and our nation.

  • CatholicGlasses

    Great article! I agree with you 100%.

  • Marshall Fightlin

    DNR orders regularly function as permission for attending physicians and other caregivers not to treat. Patients who are treatable should be treated. A patient who is immanently dying certainly would not need intubation. However, a motorcycle accident victim admitted to the ER should be intubated if it is necessary to save his life. The decision one way or the other should not be limited by a DNR order.

  • Matthew

    I am not sure whether it was Flannery O’Connor or Walker Percy who first said, “Tenderness leads to the gas chamber.”

  • http://Thejoysofbeingcatholic.blogspot.com Teresa B.

    I had a dream the other night. I saw a conveyer belt of hundreds of babies going into a paper shredder. I saw children wounded from divorce, abuse, neglect, an age of sexual explicitness that slaughtered their innocence. I saw youth wading in the filth of pornography, drugs, confusion, relativism, tolerance. And I saw a massive plain of sleeping Christians who I was frantically trying to wake up. A few opened their eyes and to my horror many who I thought asleep were actually dead.

  • markrite

    As usual, I agree with at least 90% of what Fr. Longnecker asserts or blogs about. A VERY astute priest. And I have been spreading the word about “BOILING FROGS” for close to 40 years now, when I first read of the concept in an article on Sen Frank Church of Idaho, a very left-lib senator back in the day, who, BTW, attempted to discredit the “frog” notion, saying that Idaho frogs were too smart to let themselves be boiled in water without realizing what was happening. Subsequent events in this country, of course, have shown just how wrong he and all the other lefty-lib radicals, of whom we as a nation have become increasingly oppressed by, really were and are. Spiritually, morally, religiously, socially, politically and militarily we’re now in an out-of-control tailspin as a once great nation, and the blame, in my estimation, can be laid at the doorsteps of TWO ENTITIES (at least in a major sense): the Catholic church hierarchy and their lack of awareness of the TRULY EVIL movement metastasizing like a fatal cancer here, radical secular egalitiarianism, which the Bishops should have been MUCH more aware of, and the second, the DEMOCRATIC party, of which it can be truly said, ‘they never met an evil that they didn’t like’, i.e., think LEGALIZED ABORTION MURDER and that hideous monstrosity known as “GAY MARRIAGE.’ but, once again, as “BOILING FROGS” we Catholics just don’t “GET IT,” and how could we? The Boiling Frog metaphor that we’re afflicted with has been a BLINDING of us that’s of our own making. Think like, in a form of chastisement caused by SO MANY of our married Catholic women MARINATING in their absolute DEVOTION to practicing contraception in such numbers, perhaps as many as 85-90%? Ya think? GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  • MaryS

    “Sentimentalism combined with utilitarianism leads to death camps.” – So true, and so very, very scary. Thank you, Father, for bringing this up. But I fear that you are preaching to the choir. How can we wake up the snoozin’ folks in the pews? And those who are so “warm and comfy” that they don’t show up at all on Sunday? Meanwhile, the pot will boil all of us…

  • Polly Carp

    Wonderful, Father! Have you ever posted on Walker Percy’s “The Thanatos Syndrome”? It’s a fantastic novel about what he calls the “Qualitarian” movement in America, and your post reminded me of its climax (without giving anything away: “Tenderness leads to the gas chamber.”).

  • JDH

    Yes, I read a book recently that mentioned some graduate students who tested it. It’s total hogwash (the frog in the pot theory at least; not Fr.’s overall point). First, it’s hard to get a frog to sit still anyway. And if you drop a frog in boiling water, it doesn’t leap out; it dies immediately. When you can get a frog to sit still in water and start turning of the heat, it will jump out when it starts getting uncomfortable.

  • u3

    Yes, and tasty frog-legs are what you get.

  • Max

    Wake up and smell the catastrophe? You mean the Bishops?
    Sorry, but the sad and undeniable fact is that there is simply no getting around the fact that the overwhelming majority of Bishops in the U.S. and Europe appointed in the last 40 years are and have been unmitigated catastrophes. Perpetual planes crashing into burning train wrecks as they careen over a cliff. Their deliberate and disgusting protection of serial child molesters went hand-in-hand with their 40+ years of liturgical date-rape, non-existent to heretical catechesis, an unholy alliance with the party of abortion and infanticide, and what for all intents and purposes actually seems to have been a decided effort to create a priesthood comprised mostly of homosexuals.
    If the people at the convention die from food poisoning, blame the kitchen, not the guests.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I just finished the Thanatos Syndrome. I guess it has influenced me.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Flannery first. Then Walker stole it…

  • Doug

    Look at Catholic schools. First the universities demanded some autonomy from the Church. The Notre Dames wanted to be like Harvard and Michigan and Stanford, and we end up with Notre Dame honoring President Obama. Around that time Catholic high schools all became college prep schools. Where are the Catholic high schools for poor children? Those are few and far between.
    In the Milwaukee area there are schools now of the “Catholic Tradition”, who speak about how they are independent from the Church, and not bound by it’s rules. A very sad situation, but one which has been going on for years.

  • Paul

    Too little attention to addressing the teaching of the Church from the pulpit — to not want to “offend.” Christianity is, and always has been, offensive to “the world.” It was at the start and sadly is a toothless tiger today. But, there are exceptions, and we need to seek them out (Niemoler, George, O’Malley, Chaput, and Ratzinger come to mind). Christianity started pretty small and maybe that’s what it must do so again. Choose this day whom you will follow! If you’re awake, help others to wake up too. There are too many lights in Catholicism today for us to ignore. Find them and let them shine in your life and the lives of others. The mission field is at your elbows at every mass!

  • TeaPot562

    Thank you for the article, Fr. Dwight.
    From the comments, I am afraid that you are “preaching to the choir”.

  • midwestlady

    I agree with you, Fr. Longenecker, except I wouldn’t characterize Catholics as utilitarian. If they were utilitarian, our systems would work better and we’d apply ourselves to something useful on a regular and coherent basis. Rather, I’d characterize Catholics as being *minimalist.* This, because they’re usually ashamed of their faith and think it’s inferior to what they can get in the marketplace. They’re doing a direct comparison because that’s how it’s been presented to them by BOTH the Church and the marketplace. This has to end.

  • http://francisphilip.wordpress.com/ Francis Philip

    I am reminded of Rwanda – how slowly that country moved toward moral demise but how rapidly that demise unfolded when jealousy turned into hatred and then mass genocide. Over 800,000 killed within the span of a few months – pure evil. There is also Serbia and Croatia – similar evil was done. There was also the evil that had been occurring in Iraq . There is still the evil occuring in North Korea and Sudan and in Nigeria and in Mali. There was the evil which happened in Cambodia decades ago. And then there was the evil of a few priests who were swept up in sexual abuse – who were also slow-cooked in the culture which surrounded them from without in America — like the thorns and weeds which choke out the wheat. It is as if Satan moves from place to place infesting local populations with his minions – doing damage – and then running. I have only given a few examples. Evil is a roaring lion as St. Peter warned – angry and looking to do harm.
    But our Mother Mary warns and protects us. We must listen…

  • Marie

    The point of the article is…what? That we’re in hot water. That really isn’t news. How do we get out? What would “jumping out of the pot” look like, Fr. Longnecker? You’ve convinced readers of the problem (if they needed convincing) but what is your proposed solution? What’s the practical action that you would call people to take?

  • Jamie

    I agree a lot with Max. We all have the duty to pray and make sacrifices for the priests, that they may increase in holiness. Look at St. John Vianney. He was so holy and therefore, his preaching was efficatious and people were converted in their hearts and they repented!

  • Peter May

    I agree with Fr. Longenecker, but would go further on to say that the Catholic Church has been under attack since our saviours life and death on the cross. I feel its greatest threat is now from itself, as we see other denominations twisting and turning in an effort to please everyone. The Catholic Church should be the beacon of truth for many people disillussioned and looking for answers. Thee Catholic Church has stayed largely true to message sent by our Father in the form of his son Jesus Christ and the apostles. Believing was not meant to be easy the Catholic Church has held to that belief and its followers should understand that.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Be courageous and be holy

  • Justme

    “so it was, when I heard these words, I sat down and wept, and I mourned for MANY days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.” when is the last time any of us have sat and literally cried for days and days and days and days on end at the current state of the new Israel? How hard have even our hearts become?

  • Thomas the Doubter

    Look at the way we live in this society: the ritual slaughter of the unborn that we cannot seem to turn away from, the crass materialism that pervades everything in our society, the chaos of the mob on ‘Black Friday’ (a very apt color choice for that day as it should be one of mourning), the sexual excess and exploitation and lunacy that now seems to be taken for granted as ‘normal’, the vast ballooning numbers of drug addicts (after all men must serve something when they’ve jettisoned God from their lives), men marrying men and women marrying women. In truth we already live like barbarians, it is just that no one realizes it because the lights still turn on and off at the flick of a switch, we can still drive to a supermarket to get all the food we want, and of course everybody still has their phones… But this won’t last forever given the state of this society. So in short the Barbarism is here and the Darkness is coming. The only thing one can do is to pray, pray for the Church and its members, and do whatever we can to help the poor and the lonely and bring what light we can into first our own, and then the other people’s lives that we encounter. Hope in God, pray to Him, and maybe, just maybe, He will grant our society the gift of conversion before it is too late.

  • Jo

    There are sins of omission besides of commission. Not giving a person what might save them when it is readily available seems like a sin of omission to me.

  • Jo

    Wow! Great comment! It is thought-provoking how you say an age of sexual explicitness. I just saw yesterday some pornography on cable TV it lasted pretty long and we had to keep changing the channel because whenever we think they would stop and get back to the story they continued…..I really shouldn’t watch TV. I have a choice. I should make the right one for the sake of my soul. I mean watching porn is a mortal sin!

  • Jo

    There is more than political issues going wrong here. Some Catholics do not believe in confession anymore. They are as screwed as a Protestant without access to the sacraments! One grave sin done purposely and with full knowledge and they can to screwed. Like if they know church teachings on contraception, porn, masturbation, adultery, etc.

  • Present

    This is so true it is scary. Been doing life support more than two decades and the changes are incredible. It seems we have desensitized ourselves at both ends of the age spectrum. If an Ethics Committee comes in and says treatment is useless, the insurance company can stop payment. Most families cannot afford the level of care. Happens to babies and kids and adults. I have seen so many miracles that I am glad I never have to be the one to call it quits. I wish we could be more open to life.

  • http://2natures.blogspot.com/ Arimathean

    If all truth is relative then you may do what you please and I must tolerate it.

    The intolerance of our Leftist masters shows that they are not sincere relativists. They are, rather, antinomians who pose as relativists when it is conducive to advancing their agenda.

  • Marie

    Okay… But your article didn’t just say “times are bad and getting worse” in so few words and leave it at that. A lot of ink was expended on exactly what ways they are bad and exactly why they can be expected to get worse. Why not expend similar literary effort on exactly what can be done to reverse the bad and exactly how to begin things getting better? What’s wrong with ending the article on a note of hope rather than despair? With expending equal ink detailing exactly what courageous actions can make a difference and exactly what kind of holiness is called for by present circumstances?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Blog posts are short. If you read my blog and weekly newsletter regularly you’ll find there’s plenty of good humor,practical spiritual advice and optimism

  • Pete

    Jo, great (as in memorable) image. Can I call you the next time I can’t sleep? ;-) God bless.

  • Pete

    Sorry, I meant Teresa B. As to Jo, we watch only DVDs, we have no cable or broadcast tv, for the reason you mentioned.

  • matt

    This is a terrifying comment section.

    First of all, that “frog in the pot” metaphor is stupid, cliched and totally untrue. If you put a frog into a pot of water, it will jump out. Every time. Don’t descend to junior high level, hackneyed nonsense if you want to be taken seriously.

    Secondly, do you think that anything you’ve written here hasn’t been said a thousand times in the last thousand years? We’re always on the brink of destruction! Vatican II will destroy the world! Giving women the right to vote will end the natural order of things! Equal rights for all is upsetting natural law! Somehow the world has kept ticking along. It is still going to do so now.

    Get over it. Look to your own sins. Care for others. Calm down. Providing contraception benefits for workers is not similar to the Nazi party. If you want to be taken seriously, understand that the solution lies in being serious yourself. Love others and do good. And if you can, do it quietly.

  • Neil

    Matt, while I agree much of this has been stated before, it doesn’t change the fact that all is not right with the world, our country, and yes, even within the Church itself. Are you suggesting that we sit back and relax and just let things continue the downward spiral? What about evil triumphing when good men do nothing?
    I may be making a false assumption here, but I get the feeling that you see no problem providing contraception, even though it is a grave evil. Catholics who don’t believe contraception is wrong is simply more evidence of poor catechizing within the Church.

  • Cheryl

    I beg to differ. My grandma had a DNR order during her last few years in a nursing home. She died of an infection. She had no other death-causing problems. When questioned, the staff said that DNR means “when unable to sustain natural life”, and though food and water are always provided, antibiotics are not unless specifically requested. See the slippery slope??? Definition and practice have 2 wholly different meanings.

  • Margaret Fortescue Thompson

    True Roman Catholics know what is true and what is false teaching. We all have the obligation to speak up and to stand up against those who disregard Church law. The Priesthood has been so damaged, in spite of the fact that the faithful Priests have been more heart broken than any Lay Person. We all know the problems and sometimes have to switch from the Parish where Lay people have taken over in a big way. We must stand up for Priests. This election actually had less Pro-Life lists of candidates even mentioned before the election than any time in thirty years. There are still people all over the altar and far more people giving out Holy Communion than ever before and it is getting worse instead of better in these Parishes. Thank God regular faithful Catholics were out there with the info papers to put on all the cars. There are so many good Priests and good Catholics. Wonderful young people have in spite of the conditions of some of the Parishes stood up for Pro Life, have decided to stay pure and go to Mass every Sunday . Priests should speak up like in the old days and say “Is there a reason why you are speaking during Mass?” There are nuns wearing earrings, high-heels, and fine clothes and hell bent on not even mentioning pro-life before the election. I actually saw a slide show where a father was holding his dead son and they said in the film….how many dead soldiers did they leave behind. The only thing you hear is social justice. Catholics give to everything. No sane person is for war but a war is just if thousands of people are being slaughtered because their leader is insane or just evil. One young Priest on 9/11 actually talked about war and once again mentioned torture throwing in something like if there is such thing as a just war. Obamacare actually takes away religious freedom when they mandate Abortion and every kind of birth control…day after pill etc.
    Forget how many lives were saved. No sane person wants war and Catholics give constantly to everything. All the wars put together did not kill the number of babies killed by abortion. It irks me to think that all these religious who were educated and housed and fed never had to worry about the bills and the tuition and all that goes with having a family. They retire our Priests too soon and all of the prayers going up from the retired nuns and Priests are helping to keep our Church afloat. The answer is as always…pray, pray. Now Confessions one hour a week just is wrong. Think about it….the only person that can hear Confessions is a Priest. Wonder why so many people go to Communion when there are so few that go to Confession. Thank God people are living longer. We were brought up right and taught by Nuns and Priests who told us…there is a hell and that’s where you are going if you commit mortal sins. Some parents are afraid to let their children watch the Fatima film but have no trouble when they watch awful films. By the way, if you haven’t seen the Fatima film in a while, watch it. Our Lady is still our mother and she is watching over all of us. God Bless.

  • unmatt

    Looks like one of the frogs paid a visit.

  • Dave P.


    I’m a fellow Milwaukeean. We’re talking about the colleges like Alverno, and not the independent classical-based schools which started up in the 90′s, right?

  • Dave P.


    Allowing employers to provide certain benefits is one thing. Forcing them to violate their beliefs is another. That is what the HHS Mandate is about.

    And it’s not just Nazi Germany. Any secularist regime considers religion to be a rival, and will inevitably interfere in religious affairs in the name of keeping religion from interfering. The French Government of `1905 did this. They had no reason to dissolve monasteries and take over church institutions, but for the desire for total control. See what happened in Mexico in the 1920′s. It happened then. It can happen again.

  • Marie

    It seems disingenuous to suggest the post was too short to have taken a different tone or to have ended on a different note. Even five words could be five of one sort or five of another. There are always choices.

  • Marie

    In my view, two things are crucial in writing on such topics 1) don’t waste the energy and momentum of a good piece by leaving out a mention of where to direct that energy and 2) don’t dwell on depths of dark and evil and just leave readers there without some ray of hope to light the path that goes the other direction. It’s nice to hear that you’ve written other posts that don’t violate those two principles. No matter how many good posts there are, they don’t change the facts about what the merits of this particular post are.

  • Peter Alexander

    Dearest Father Longenecker, thank you for speaking the truth. As evidenced by several responses and reflected throughout the world in our churches and communities, secular world view was slowly, and is now rapidly, influencing citizens even Catholics and other Christians. I pray that we will get better and not bitter, and stand up for the truth, defend religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and marrage as God ordain it.

    God called us to unit as one church, one body of believers. Jesus and His disciples and other followers of the Lord were radical. Jesus spoke the truth which turned the world up side down. However, so many people have gotten comfortable and used to their joys and toys. We fellowship less if at all and consume far too much. Sel has taken over. There is hope! In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, there is truth and hope. We , you and I, must return to scripture and Catholic church traditions, find the truth and speak it, live it, share it, encourage one another, walk beside thsoe who need your support, your love. We must seek His forgiveness and turn away from our sinful ways.

    There is hope and it is in Jesus Christ. Remember though that we are in the world and God blesses each of us with His gifts, talents and abilities…we must use them to do His will. There are non negotiables that we Catholics and otherfaithful and concerned citizens need to defend. Wake Upmy brothers and sisters! Stand Up!. All it takes for evil to triumph in the world is for good people to do nothing. Far too many citizens and Catholics as well have been doing nothing or little to reflect Jesus. Now we must stand. In the 1920’2 in Mexico government decided to destroy the Catholic Church, which they started to attack, until God’s peopl stood and defended their Church, their Priests and their families. Stand Up!. God bless you Father and ever Catholic. Peace, Peter ~

  • Ken Jones


    Yes, it is terrifying, but perhaps not for the reasons you mention. And by the way “contraception benefit” is contradictory.

  • Thomas the Doubter

    None of what Max said is wrong, and that makes me shudder. They just don’t have it in them to do what needs to be done now, to demand a collective repentance. The incredible decline and destruction of the Church from within in this country has coincided and probably generally been the cause of the destruction of this society. When I see a large number of bishops, or even just one, out there in sackcloth and ashes striking his breast over the carnage they’ve wreaked then I will feel there is hope for the Church here. Until then I will pray that the Holy Spirit watch over enough of us so that there might be something to start with again after this society destroys itself.

  • Roman Romano

    There is already a division within the Catholic Church. This division has not yet been proclaimed. I would say that all the Liberals and Progressivists are already boiling frogs and they do not know it.

    As for the rest, genuine Catholics, Christ will be with us, the Church, until the end of time! Deo Gratias!

  • Max

    There are some Bishops that in fact have it in them, Bishop Chaput for example. There are many that don’t. But these represent only a small part of the problem. There rather larger problem is the fact that many of the Bishops simply don’t really agree with Rome. You would be surprised how many of them are not opposed to “gay marriage” or women’s ordination. If, as has been often reported and written about, 30-50% of the priesthood in the US and Europe is homosexual, then it stands to reason that 30-50% of Bishops (meaning also Cardinals) are also homosexual. Whether or not that explains the problem no one could really say for certain.

    Blessed John Paul II has left us two great legacies. One beautiful, one catastrophic. Everything he wrote and preached has and will continue to bear good fruit until the end of time. But he simply had very little gift for governing. One among the many ways this this inability manifested itself was with him year after year after painful year appointing Bishops who either also were themselves incapable of governing, or who did not by and large agree with his teachings, especially in regards to his sexual ethics as contained in his Theology of the Body. And it is truly here where the catastrophe can be found. Not among those Bishops who through no fault of there own so often were simply not equal to the task asked of them from the Church, but among those Bishops who for reasons known but to them and God, quite deliberately opened the windows of the Church to let in the smoke of Satan.

  • http://www.crossedthetiber.com russ rentler, md

    I spend my days in skilled nursing facility as the medical director and attending for 128 patients. I agree with the good Father that the “Living Will”s that patients come in with are complicated and are slanted towards not treating vs treating. Often times there is very small print that says “if I am in a teminal state (which they don’t clearly define) or permanently unconscious, then don’t do this that etc in a long check off list. The treating docs and nurses often don’t look at the fine print and pronounce that the patient is “DNR”, thinking they shouldn’t be resuscitated. So the “Living Wills” that lawyers and non-clinicians generate tend to be defaulted towards death and not life. It’s not Liverpool yet but were heading there for sure if people don’t speak out, pray and act, as the author of this blog is doing.

  • Brian

    Ha! Marie has come to grade Fr. Longenecker’s post! Must be a school teacher.

    A blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception to you, Fr. Longenecker. May God grant you many years in His vineyard!

  • Ninth Centurion

    Fr. Longnecker, though I do agree with a few of the points you made you’ve gravely missed the central issue.

    RE “The biggest problem with American Catholics is that the majority of them are asleep. Lulled by materialism, the good life and the cares of the world, they’re blind to the real crisis facing America and blind to the real crisis facing the Catholic Church.”

    Materialism and the good life are not responsible for lulling to sleep the souls of Catholics. It was the perversions to Vatican II by liberal/humanist/modernist forces within the laity and priesthood, with much responsibility falling squarely on the silence of the priests and bishops, which led to the lulling to sleep of souls.

    The central error, if you will “lull”, is touched upon by two of your points though – relativism and sentimentalism. The fruit of this is seen in a priesthood filled with men who are more interested in being social workers fighting for secular standards of human dignity than priests seeking the salvation of souls. In short, priests more in love with secular Social Justice programs than Holy Sacraments, feelings rather than formation of conscience in Faith, and in the dignity as defined by society than the salvation of souls.

    In the most recent election the bishops found out their pseudo-political social justice endeavors of the past 40 years earned them the respect given a politician; by both politicians and voters. The picture of Cardinal Dolan laughing over dinner with President Obama encapsulates this state of priestly souls; Christ ate with sinners, not the leaders of the Roman occupation forces or the Jewish religious leaders. The question of how the picture would be seen if Obama was replaced by Hitler or Stalin is a very valid one – unless the murder of the un-born is somehow less of an evil.

    No Fr. Longnecker the beginning and end of this slow boil lies upon the lips of 40 years of Judas Priests and Bishops who have turned the Mass from a holy offering of the Lord’s Mass (during which the laity should envision themselves in two moments of the Lord’s Life – the Last Supper and Crucifixion) into a sentimental filled social justice gathering “celebrating” their forgone salvation.

    To assert the Mass has become anything other is to ignore the reality of 50% of the “disciples” in the pews believing they have no right to defend the life of the unborn via political vote as well as feeling comfortable in the heretical rejection of marriage as a Sacrament.

    Wake up Father, it is not the material wealth or good life in America which has lulled American Catholics, it is the lullaby sung by the priests in Mass.


  • Stephen Cush

    We, the Church, have become so very timid in our opposition to society’s ills. And it has caused the problems to fester and worsen over time. We need courageous bishops and priests to practice what they preach, as does Fr. Longenecker. I’m just so tired of hearing homilies and reading articles that, even though they may be well-intentioned, are so very weak in the practical application of our faith. We just elected a president with nearly half the Catholic vote who insists that the government can take our taxes to provide for free abortifacient drugs and sterilizations! Yet, how many pastors were too afraid to speak out in opposition prior to the election? I have a pastor who refused to read a letter from the bishop at all Masses in opposition to the same sex marriage ban in NC. What can we do as laity to “wake up” our local churches?

  • Stephen Cush

    Vatican II is not the problem at all. It is the “spirit of Vatican II” that has fed this lust for relativism. And the “Novus Ordo,” celebrated with dignity and reverence, has had nothing to do with it.

  • Mimi Clare

    So what do we do?  What do we do with this information Father Dwight?  I gave up four years of my life speaking out about this administrations corrupt ways.  Devoting my life to telling the truth, studying current affairs and the likes.  I have voted opposite the elected president in the last two elections and  i could  not  believe i called it wrong. At some point I have to go back to my life and make a difference in the way I live it. Because I’m so sick of hearing the bad news everyday and with all my encouraging others to hear  the truth it doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference In altering others views.  I am in the world. But i am no longer a part of it.  God is my Father, Jesus is my Savior and the Catholics that better wake up are the priests and pastors who are leading the church speaking from the pulpits and teaching in our schools and colleges.

    With all due respect, 
    Mimi Clare