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I’m building bridges with Evangelicals. Do you read blogs by Evangelicals? Which are the best and smartest ones? Recommendations in the combox please.

  • http://platytera.blogspot.com/ Christian

    Jesus Creed. But you knew that.

  • AnneG

    Reclaimingthemind.com has a bunch of podcasts and pretty big blog. They have a series on Catholicism which they irritatingly insist on calling Roman. I would love it if you would go there. Listening to Their explanations of our faith are like wearing glasses where the prescription is off. Also, internetmonk.com is very popular. I don’t think many over there are interested in an answer, more in expressing their wandering around in the dark, yelling, “Marco Polo”.

  • http://cumlazaro.blogspot.com/ Lazarus

    In the UK, Peter Ould blogs (mainly on issues of sexuality) from a Reformed standpoint. Very smart and fair minded. http://www.peter-ould.net/

  • Pax


    I’m not sure if this guy counts as evangelical. He occasionally shows up in the evangelical channel on Patheos and he teaches at an evangelical seminary, but he’s very “progressive”. He’s smart, generates lots of discussion, and has a running apologetic series called “Questions that haunt Christianity”.

  • http://draft.blogger.com/profile/06205058638823965743 Matt


    The Heidelblog – R.Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary

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  • Mary A.

    VisionaryDaughters.com comes to mind.

  • veritas

    I am sorry Father but I can’t get excited any longer with the idea of discussions with evangelicals.

    Been there, done that.

    I went onto some of the websites listed here and within minutes I started feeling really depressed. I was depressed that so many people, who claim to be lovers and followers of God, could get it so wrong and make up their own versions of Christianity.

    Our Blessed Lord established One Church under the leadership of Peter and his successors. This is simple, Biblical, historical fact.

    Every Protestant denomination is man made and a product of this or that personal idiosyncracy. There are now thousands of them and the moment a member comes across a teaching in his denomination that he doesn’t like he either switches to one of the other denominations – or he starts yet another one of his own.

    It is truly pathetic and depressing. One Protestant church near us recently put up a large billboard which stated “We have now joined C3 International, we are a C3 church.” What on earth does that mean? It is like changing sports’ clubs or going to a different supermarket.

    I admire your determination to calmly talk to these people, but for me their arrogance in rejecting what God gave them is confronting.

    The confusion they are in over every single moral issue is mind boggling. But it means they can pick and choose how they want to live and then pretend that it’s all OK with God. Homosexuality, divorce, contraception, abortion, pornography have all been excused by various Protestant denominations and this has helped lead too many to Hell.

    • Paul Rodden

      Veritas, I feel your misgivings profoundly.
      I have a sad personal issue related to this in our own parish, and it grieves (and angers) me greatly.

      Even Stand To Reason, the blog I mentioned, and which is ‘thinking-man’s’ blog, still has a ‘Reformation Sunday’ post every year, and doesn’t like it if you imply in any way that Protestantism is just a form religious Relativism. But I think that’s because they really understand that criticism, and have no answer to it. Yet I believe Peter Kreeft and (reverted) Frank Beckwith are on friendly terms with the theologians and apologists there.

      However, you might want to visit calledtocommunion.com
      It’s a group of highly intellectual, articulate, and friendly ex OPC/PCA pastors/academics, who’ve sacrificed a great deal – their livelihoods – to ‘come home to Rome’, and are having a big impact through their articles, personal discussions, and courteous interactions with Protestants.

      Some of the discussion is seriously high-brow and above my head, and ‘Trolls’/timewasters are banned, but it’s having a real impact. It’s a place where some real debate takes place with those who are sincerely looking for the Truth rather than simply shoring up their Protestant viewpoint, mainly because they’re finding Protestantism untenable by looking at history and the collapse of doctrine.

      I didn’t suggest it, as it’s Catholic, but I do believe it had a hand in the latest, high-profile, ‘Theologian becomes Catholic’ scandal in Reformed Protestantism: that of Dr Jason Stellman (prosecutor of the Peter Leithart trial):
      - and who’s blog is now seriously Catholic:

      You might enjoy some of the articles, too. The latest is Dr Kenneth Howell on 3 frameworks for interpreting the Church Fathers, which is excellent…

      It can seem like a waste of time, but you never know who’s looking in…

  • Paul Rodden

    Stand to Reason:
    str.org and it’s blog, http://str.typepad.com/

    Like this is their latest offering, and very relevant :) :
    Advice on Online Discussions
    Are there clues to indicate if an online discussion about Christianity is going to be productive or should be ended?

    The founder, Greg Koukl (an ex-Catholic) was co-author with Frank Beckwith of the book, Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid -Air.

  • http://provocativechristian.wordpress.com/ Linda Ludwig

    A personal friend. Very thoughtful blog.

  • Ric

    An excellent blog on spiritual formation (but not a discussion blog) is: oboedire.wordpress.com

  • midwestlady

    Faithful Catholics are far more like these evangelicals than even some of the people supposedly in the Catholic church. Just because these evangelicals are not perfect does not mean they are totally wrong, either. They have some good practical ideas, and they are worth talking to simply because they are also Christian and we live in a post-Christian country. We can and should work together on things about which we agree.

  • Thinkling

    Doesn’t Patheos have an Evangelical portal?

  • JW

    Reknew by Greg Boyd at reknew.org/blog

  • http://otritt.wordpress.com/ The Egyptian

    don’t know any blogs but you can have my wife’s brother in law, a Rick Warren wanna be, totally insufferable, and mother in law thinks he is just fantastic, his and his wife’s comments about “Romans” are asinine at best and ignorant in reality, should have heard their comments about the “immaculate conception” he insists it is about the birth of Christ, totally tone deaf when an explanation is given, informs me HE has a theology degree, “online” of course. Oh and it is such a pity that you Priests only know how to do silly incantations and wave your arms around but know absolutely nothing about the bible, I just shut up to keep the peace. Ah the crosses we bear

  • Jill

    Internet Monk, Rachel Held Evans, and the Wartburg Watch are a few.