For Altar Servers

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  • jean

    Than you for this; it beautiful to see and hear ayoung man bearing witness to his faith this way. I think its a good idea that male servers wear cassocks,for the reasos given, but because of the rapid turnover of servers in my church, I know the priest would say it was financially unviable. If I could afford it I would make them for them myself!

  • Brian Durham

    If only we could use the cassock and surplice at my parish- however, three-quarters of the other servers are female, leaving us with the hooded albs Father despises. I think he’s planning to either switch to a sort of brown cassock and white scabular outfit, or (what ‘d prefer) a set of coloured cassock-albs, sort of an imitation of the Byzantine Rite sticharions. That’s what I’d prefer, being a server and a former Ruthenian Church parishioner- but Father has to take it up with the parents.