Protestant Church Names

I discovered a community church here in Greenville called “The Edge”. I feel like starting one called “Over the Edge”. It reminded me of this post from some time ago musing about the whole phenomena of trendy Prot church names and what would happen if we Catholics adopted the fashion…

  • Arnobius of Sicca

    Isn’t “The Edge” also the name of the Junior High LifeTeen program in the US?

  • Canadian Anne

    I am a Protestant and I agree with you. To me, these church names don’t say anything at all…for example, “The Edge” leads me to wonder “the edge of what?” And it also makes me wonder too, what is this church? At least if there is Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, etc., on the sign, I have some sense of what I will get in terms of teaching, theological position, and sometimes, how the service will go. But this just leaves more questions. It’s one thing to want to have a fresh approach with reaching the world, but this…is quite another. This Protestant is not amused! :)

  • priest’s wife (@byzcathwife)

    We have ‘Mission Church’ (yes- I live in a city with an actual Padre Serra Catholic Mission) in a movie theater, “The City”, South Coast Fellowship, Gold Coast Fellowship, “Catalyst”(yes- JUST “Catalyst”) etc etc

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  • priest’s wife (@byzcathwife)

    Also- the youth branch of the Bible Fellowship Church is called “The Plex” (???)

  • Julia

    We’ve got one called “The Pursuit”.

  • Metro

    :) Our Lady of THE EDGE!

  • Paul Rodden

    I don’t know about the States, but over here in England, they’re now putting ® [Registered Trademark symbol] on their logos, too.

    Maybe they could list their services as:
    Espresso: Small and strong. Not ofr the fait-hearted.
    Mocha: Sweet and Family Orientated
    Cappuccino: Lots of froth, a favourite with the beginner
    Americano: Cool and trendy, yet sensational…
    Latte: Our Evening Service

  • Paul Rodden

    At least ‘The Edge’ is the most honest name I’ve heard used for a Protestant Church…

  • Margaret Mary

    There’s a church in our area that posted prominent signs saying “Our church is weird.” It wasn’t until you get closer that it was possible to read the fine print that said something like “because ‘normal’ just isn’t good anymore.” :-P

  • darling dora

    I sometimes drive past “The Adventure Church.” It makes me wonder …

  • Jonathan

    The latest trend around where I live is when a single church decides to offer multiple services, each catering to a different constituency, and they name each service specifically to convey the increasing degrees of “edginess” to the church shopper who must be looking to stop in where they feel most comfortable. For starters, there might be a main service and it might be called “The Rock”. The more contemporary Saturday service might be called “FrontLine”. The edgier contemporary service catering to youth is called, naturally, “The Edge”. The problem is that, after some time even the edgiest experiences no longer seem edgy enough, so I expect it won’t be long, before the church has to add an even more extreme edgy service and call it “The Precipice”. Followed by “The Abyss”.

    • Paul Rodden

      It struck me, reading your comment, how much like addiction this sort of religion is.

      This sort of religion seems to uphold the principle that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, which is the opposite the opposite Liturgy – that rubrics bring freedom – whilst their ‘freedom’ of worship (to avoid ‘boredom’), actually encourages slavery, especially to the passions.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    Trendy churches eschew traditional names/namesakes because it is presumably offputting to the delicate sensibilities of a generation that expects to be cossetted and coddled from cradle to grave. When the church panders with relevance it usually only achieves pretentiousness.

  • Sonja Maierhauser

    Fr. Longenecker, I was in a near state of collapse from laughter at your church names. Too true!

  • Edwin Barnes

    We had American visitors who saw “East Yorkshire Mowers” over a local building; were they associated with the Diggers or similar Protestant sects? Disappointingly we had to explain that it was where you went to get a lawnmower.

  • FW Ken

    I work near the “Church Without Walls”. They actually have tremendous outreach to the poor, so I would not laugh too hard at the name.

  • Bailey Walker

    If you request nicely, will they send you Postcards from The Edge?

  • Mike

    Here in Glasgow, Scotland, we have plenty of choice. You can go to Destiny, Life, Hope, etc, etc. But if you are LGBT you’ll probably choose Destiny as their website says that members of the LGBT community are especially welcome.

  • Meg

    Where I am in SC there is a new groovy nondenominational church called Elevation. I like to think its code for Our Lady of the Assumption….but I’m sure they wouldn’t agree.

  • Ron

    There’s a church in my town called “The Well”. I once asked one of the members how they came up with that name. He explained they didn’t want to turn people off to Christianity and so decided to avoid using “church” in the title. My response was, “Darn that Jesus for being so out of step with the times. He used the term “church” and was obviously not being relevant.” The person gave me a stare and walked away!!

  • slimsdotter

    Our town has a new church called Element. They have been advertising pretty thoroughly, but no clue what denomination they are or what theology they teach. As a convert of less than 2 years, I was thrilled to find on a recent driving trip. Type in the town and find out where to go to mass. The concept “catholic” is genius– go figure!

  • Recusant

    Just when you thought you had a fool-proof “Protestant Church Name Generator”, they find a bigger fool.

  • matthias

    Over here in Australia we have:
    Hillsong Church of course Australia’s mega church of 20,000 members ??
    Edge Church
    Empower Church
    New Community Ringwood Church
    bridge Church ( no where near or built on one)
    12Stones church
    cityLife church
    except for the first all the rest are in Melbourne