A Little Horse

The Brits are all upset because some folks have slipped horse meat into their frozen dinners. You can read the shocking news here. I’ve never seen what the fuss is all about. The French have been eating horse meat forever without any particularly bad reaction. The British have always been horrified at this French custom, while the French have been horrified that the British eat those cuddly little lambs.

I like the slogan of a local wild game restaurant: “There’s a place for all of God’s creatures….next to the mashed potatoes.”

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  • Michael

    I went to a french restaurant once and they had three types of steak, win, place and show.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker


  • PHIL

    tit 4 tat

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      or tete a tete?

  • Keith Fraser

    The issue is that in the UK many horses are treated by vets with bute, which is dangerous for human consumption. Horses bread for food have to be reared in a particular way.

  • VeraMaria

    And what if your beloved beefburger contained 80% meat of dogs. Would you be so relaxed about it?
    You can eat dogs, you know. You can start by throwing your own on the barbeque this weekend. Yammie!

    • Pompous Ass

      Your suggestion is noted, but not, methinks, deemed to be popular, even if it is very practical.

      Archeologists seem to think that our stone-age ancestors used dogs (or semi-domesticated wolves, or whatever canine) not only as a hunting assistant, but also as a sort of walking fridge – you know, meat on the paw, ready to eat in times of bad hunting …

  • Pompous Ass

    Yes, horses are routinely eaten in some countries, just like dogs, serpents and several types of insects in other countries. Apparenty there are no complaints regarding the taste … now, what REALLY has everybody a-flutter is that the Lasagna in question bore false descriptions of the ingredients used. The general idea of printing such description on the package is that you, the consumer, should be able to trust in their correctness. So that, at least, if you order Dobbin, or Pluto, or whatever, for dinner, you should get what you order. Imagine, if you were to order horse – and get served pork, oh the horror, the horror of it all …