Articles for Aleteia

Here is my latest papabile profile–on Cardinal Angelo Scola. Also, here is an article on Rage-–Pretty scary.

By the way, Aleteia is a new, trending website giving a Catholic perspective on news and current events. Check it out and bookmark it!

  • Arnobius of Sicca

    I tried the site and was constantly bombarded by popups for some app their site was promoting. Since I couldn’t block the popups that made it impossible to read the article, I figured I’d give the site a pass for now.

  • Oregon Catholic

    I very much enjoyed the article on rage. Very well written. When I encounter that kind of rage I always feel like satan has just stepped in and taken them over – it positively explodes out of them like someone just opened a blast furnace in my face. If God can fill up that primitive empty place, so can satan, imo.