FaithWorks 13 – Week Two in Lent

Here is the link to my weekly newsletter FaithWorks! – This week an article on Almsgiving, a picture of the Transfiguration, an article on the Wilderness experience, Points to Ponder and more.

  • Julie C.

    Father, I appreciate your time and work that you put into this…….especially on your day off!

  • Harry J Tucci Jr

    Shame on you Father for suggesting we are not faithful Catholics if we don’t give however much money you want. Surely your God does not want my baby dying of starvation iyr my older daughters going off to school shoeless in the winter but that is exactly what you advocate!!! When the priest stood up last week and said our $10 million church was not complete without a $4 million addition for offices and everyone had better step up their giving I was forced with a choice between providing for my family and giving more o the Church. Don’t tell me either that God rewards for giving extra … I gave and gave you’ll I was homeless and starving and had nothing to show in return. Yes our reward is in heaven but here on earth we as parents have financial obligations that don’t always allow us to give more and priests living in a warm rectory, eating nicely cooked meals, drawing a comfortable salary shouldn’t try and shame us into giving more.