Old Monk on Monks

Visitor to the monastery: What is the most difficult thing about monastic life?

Old Monk: Other monks.

Visitor: Why are they so difficult?

Old Monk: Because they are like me.

  • Julie C.

    I love the old monk! Wish we could see him more often.

  • AnneG

    A lot like marriage, that way.

  • Julie Culshaw

    Perhaps you have already heard this one but here goes.

    Monk goes to see the abbot after one year in the monastery. Abbot asks how are things going. The young monk replies “the bed is hard”. Another year, another visit to the abbot, Abbot asks how are things this year? Young monk replies “food is bad”. Another year, another visit. “How is it going” asks the abbot, young monk replies “I’m leaving”. Abbot says “I’m not surprised. All you have done is complain.”

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