Papabile of the Day

John Allen reports on Luis Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines. Go here to learn more.

  • Mary

    Not really a likely candidate as he is far too young… among other problems.

    • MaryMargaret

      What problems? I am genuinely curious. I have done some research on him, and he seems a truly humble man, with a brilliant mind and a heart for the poor and voiceless. He is very young..possibly too young, but I can’t see any other major issues.

  • Conchúr

    School of Bologna. Anathema!

    • MaryMargaret

      But Pope Benedict did not agree. He looked at Tagle’s background, and still made him a Cardinal. Why? Bologna is the most ancient of universities. Papa Benedict, I suspect knows what he is doing. What, in particular , has Cardinal Tagle done or said to make him anathema?

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  • Mary

    “… The drawbacks to Tagle’s candidacy can be expressed in four main points.

    First, his age is still a problem. At least some cardinals don’t like the idea of popes resigning, seeing it either as taking some of the luster off the papal office (as one former Vatican official said to me, “Now he might as well be the archbishop of Canterbury!”) or as an indirect admission of failure. In any event, church law states no one can compel a pope to step down, so it will be entirely up the next pontiff to decide. In that light, the resignation hypothesis may not be enough for many cardinals to get past Tagle’s youth.

    Second, Tagle has zero Vatican experience other than attending the occasional synod, and his soft-spoken and humble demeanor may strike some cardinals as ill-suited for the housecleaning many believe the next pope will have to carry out inside the Vatican.

    Even if one’s not prepared to embrace conspiracy theories, such as a sensational report in La Repubblica Thursday that a shadowy gay lobby may have been involved in the Vatileaks affair and helped shape Benedict’s decision to resign, most cardinals nevertheless feel that the right people were not always named to the right jobs under Benedict, and there was little accountability for poor performance.

    As one longtime Vatican-watcher put it in the wake of the disastrous Holocaust-denying bishop affair in 2009, instead of an anguished papal letter of apology, “there should have been a row of heads on pikes all the way down to the Castel Sant’Angelo. That, they would have understood.”

    Some may well wonder if Tagle is really the guy to get tough.

    Tagle could perhaps take the edge off some of those concerns by dropping hints about whom he might be inclined to choose as his Secretary of State, but that would veer awfully close to campaigning for the job.

    Third, some cardinals may perceive Tagle as a bit too much to the left of center (as the “center” is defined, naturally, in the College of Cardinals) especially because of his connection to the Alberigo history of Vatican II…”

  • Mary

    I never said he was anathema! I am sure he is a very good man, just not likely to be pope at the end of the conclave. There are many good cardinals that would not, for one or more reasons, make good popes. That is not saying anything negative about the man, other than the basic fact that he is not currently good papal material. Note he has zero experience in the Vatican, for example.

  • Mary

    Papabile for the 23rd Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer of São Paulo,

  • Mary

    For the 24th the profile is on Cardinal Péter Erdõ of Budapest, Hungary

  • Mary

    I really like the one from Budapest…. the article mentioned a Goulash Vatican LOL…. but seriously, this guy really could be a serious papabile! The article had trouble finding drawbacks for him, and some of what they mentioned as drawbacks sounded like pros rather than cons to me. :-)

  • Mary

    Wow, I just did a websearch on that cardinal from Budapest and was surprised to see none of the other photos of him look so bad as that one in the profile article. Wonder if someone did that on purpose….He looks like one of the three stoogies in photo, but here is a different one that looks more like the other photos I saw of him…,3,0,0,e,97270

  • MaryMargaret

    Mary, I know you did not make the anathema comment! I read the John Allen piece on Cardinal Tagle and I understand that his youth and inexperience in the Vatican are issues. When I saw your comment, I just thought that you might have some information that I had not heard. BTW, I agree that Cardinal Erdo looks very strong in Allen’s profile.
    I am really enjoying reading the profiles, not so much for speculation on who might be the next Holy Father, but because it is good to learn more about the various Cardinals. I know little about those outside the US.

  • Mary

    He changed that “three stoogies like” photo to a more reasonable one too. ;-) I can only think he must have been hurried or something and that bad photo was the first at hand. I mean, no one expects a glamour shot of a cardinal, old men dont take good glamour photos :-) but a photo with his eyes wide like, a nut case, his hair mussed and his mouth half open in the middle of a word. It really was a funny photo.

  • Mary

    I am glad you understand I did not call him anathema. Anathema is a word to never be used lightly. It is like saying someone is cursed and God damned, and meaning it!

    Sometimes I am not as careful with my words as I should be, but that particular word I am very careful about.

    By the way, did you know Origin, one of the early church fathers and even today much admired for SOME of his teachings, was declared anathema because of his teachings on pre-existence of the human soul? Too close to reincarnation teachings. ;-) The pope damned him to hell. Church history is so interesting!