Papabile of the Day

John Allen’s profile today: Peter Erdo of Budapest, Hungary–a very interesting candidate, and for the Malachy Prophecy hounds his names is Peter…cue Twilight Zone theme…

  • Mary

    Please delete the above message and this one! Mea culpa! I had him mixed up with someone else. I did see a small problem with him though…very small and will post it below

  • Mary

    One of his own lay people complained that because he worked well with the cold war government, we should be concerned. Said it was them running the church through him….hmmmm

  • Mary

    I know I put a post in here somewhere that I simply can not find. It was an error and I wanted to correct it. I also wanted to put where the mixup was. I picked the information up in error but it did occur. Just with someone else.

    I know this doesnt belong in this papabiles profile, but I cant find the other…. and it should be mentioned.

    Here is a link that should be seen

    It is titled ” Cardinal permits man in homosexual partnership to serve on parish council” and is speaking of one of the “conservative” cardinals.

    “Overruling one of his parish priests, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has permitted a homosexual in a registered domestic partnership to serve on a parish council.

    Father Gerhard Swierzek, the parish priest of a small parish in the archdiocese, had refused to allow Florian Stangl, 26, to serve on the council. Stangl, who is disabled, had obtained 96 out of 142 votes in a recent parish council election.

    The archdiocese had initially backed Father Swierzek, releasing a statement that living in a domestic partnership precludes one from serving on a parish council.

    Cardinal Schönborn said that he had initially intended to uphold the priest’s decision–but then, he said, “I ask myself in these situations: How did Jesus act? He first saw the human being.”

    Calling his decision “a decision for human beings,” the cardinal recounted that he invited Stangl and his partner to lunch and understood “why the community had given him the most votes, because he is really impressive.”

    “This man is at the right place,” the cardinal said of Stangl.”

  • Mary another on Cardinal Schoenborn…. lists a few rather liberal things in his diocese.

    I dont know if he is having mudslung at him bt liberals or being whitewashed by conservatives LOL but something is going on cause I am seeing two very different portraits of this man. Opposites…

    He is the papabile for the 26th, by the way.