Today’s Papabile

Instead of running my own posts on the possible new popes I’ll be linking to Vatican correspondent John Allen, who is focusing on a different cardinal each day.

Today’s choice is Peter Cardinal Turkson from Ghana.

John Allen also reports  that Sean Cardinal O’Malley is gaining much favorable interest, and says Rome is abuzz with interest in our Boston Archbishop.

  • Mary

    In my opinion, it is highly unlikely there will be a pope from the USA anytime soon and Cardinal Turkson showed way too much interest in the job, almost to the point of “running” for the job. A terrible faux pas that almost certainly disqualified him. The fact he could make such a mistake in judgement should disqualify him, also his words seem to be spoken without a lot of prior thought. Unacceptable in a pope.

    “… Indeed, Turkson himself has not been shy about embracing the possibility. In a recent interview with the U.K. Telegraph, Turkson openly speculated about what it would mean for him to become pope…”

  • suzy

    Please, please, please, not O’Malley. Why is no one interested in the one really good American cardinal. Why are they overlooking Burke?

  • captain_dg

    Were it to be an American, my choice would be Cardinal Wuerl. He is overlooked but to my lights impressive.

    • Bill

      I’ve never been a huge Wuerl fan. Too moderate/left-leaning for my taste.

      I doubt Burke or Ranjith gets votes from the right though.

      I think Ouellette might get it.

    • Richard M

      Well, I have to say that living in the Archdiocese of Washington during his tenure has been a frustrating experience – and I know I am far from alone.

      Well, he has virtually zero chance of being elected anyway. Not merely because he’s American, but also because he’s not fluent in other tongues, has no real experience in the Curia, and is not particularly charismatic.

  • Mack

    Anyone who thinks O’Malley is a possibility should check out the Boston Catholic Insider blog, which details the fiscal and other mismanagement that is still going on in Boston (I know; I live here).

    • Ryan M.

      I live here too. Nobody reads the “insider.” 95% of us in the Archdiocese love Cardinal Sean.

      • Joe Murphy

        I live in Boston and read Boston Catholic Insider. It’s spot-on. 85% of “Catholics” in the Archdiocese don’t attend Mass regularly. Are those all the ones who love Cardinal Sean, because he represents “Catholic Lite”?

        • Ryan M.

          Yes, most people who check off the “Catholic” box here in Beantown don’t attend Mass regularly, and that’s a) so incredibly different from other Northeastern cities, and b) all Cardinal Sean’s fault, and c) fortunately being rapidly changed thanks to the heroic efforts of the “insider”!

          Ok, sarcasm aside: in what universe does Cardinal Sean represent “Catholic Lite”? We have a faithful, God-fearing, brilliant Archbishop, and I for one am grateful for him.

        • Ryan M.

          The ones who love Cardinal Sean are those of us down in the trenches–teaching at Catholic schools, working with the poor, etc.–who haven’t the time to still be upset about the Kennedy funeral. We love him because he’s down here with us, preaching the Gospel to the people we care for.

  • Mary
  • FW Ken

    Cardinals O’Malley and Wuerl have neither, to my mind, dealt effectively with pro-choice Catholics under their authority. The latter, particularly is on record add advocating more “education” to resolve the problem. You don’t educate people out of hardcore rebellion.

    Cardinal Turkson, on the other hand, has addressed western-style gay advocacy directly and has those people foaming at the mouth. Granted, they are an easy foam, but someone not in thrall to the New York Times/Boston Globe propaganda machine is a refreshment.

  • Mary

    Papabile of the day for the 21st is Cardinal Leonardo Sandri

    Very interesting and from what this article says totally fits the bill. He seems to have it all. Third world but considered as Italian too, right age group at 69… Sure looks likely, only thing is it will throw off those set on the Peter the Roman in prophecy bunch. Remember God says you can tell real prophecy from false by whether it actually happens or not. Besides, as many have pointed out, doesn’t actually say Peter the Roman will directly follow the Glory of the Olive, wink.

  • Waldz Renales

    Long shot but not impossible is Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle from Philippines. Youthful, gifted communicator, humble, have sense of doctrinal balance & deeply spiritual… which fits him for the job…

  • Dwayne

    Cardinal Tagle from the Philippines has all the qualifications that we are all longing for in a Church leader. His humilty will bring all Catholics together. Where else can you find a bishop riding his bicycle at 4:00 in the morning to celebrate a mass in a remote area because the priest scheduled to celebrate called and sick the night before? Where can you find a bishop or cardinal inviting beggars or homeless people in his own kitchen to share a meal with him? He is not from Vatican which he is good…it means he has no excess baggage with him. No controversy hounding him. He has the charisma of the late Pope John Paul II. When he talks, people listen. This was evident during his recent speaking engagement when he brought the listeners in tears. He is into Social Media and he will be able to communicate with the youth.
    I hope that during the conclave the Cardinals will be guided accordingly in choosing our next leader. A Pope doesn’t need to be fluent in Italian in order to communicate with his flocks.