Comparing Benedict and Francis

Go here for my article for Aleteia which compares St Benedict and St Francis to shed light on our two popes.

  • Charlotte

    Thanks for not pitting one against the other. They’re different men with different strengths, (and weaknesses, no doubt). I don’t know why that ‘s so hard for some people to grasp. We don’t need to sign up for Team Benedict or Team Francis.

  • Yae

    Read the wonderful article and agree wholeheartedly. I am grateful for the graces and blessings of having them both with us in this time. May we all unite our prayers with those of Papa Francis and Papa Benedict and go forth to proclaim Christ to the world!

  • Arnobius of Sicca

    Nicely written. It’s discouraging to see some Catholics praising one by denigrating the other

  • Struggling a little less

    Many thanks Fr, I think your time has come! I must say I have found your most recent articles to be so refreshing and balanced and most of all confident. ” Do not fear”

  • Victor

    You really are a great writer even if we don’t always agree with each other.

    Long story short, I almost gave up the internet a few days ago when a comedian said something mean about our retired Papa which I can’t repeat here cause rightly so you wouldn’t allow such a thing.

    Longer story short, After Mass yesterday, I guess that The Holy Spirit told me to simply write a letter to some and keep writing cause here i am NOW!

    Keep UP the good words!

    Go figure! :)


    • denis

      dont be put off by a silly comic !!

      God bless You !