Correction and Apology

If you subscribe to my feed you may have received by email an earlier post today in which I dissected the Washington Post contribution by Fr James Martin SJ. This post was hastily written and unworthy. I have now removed the post and apologized to Fr Martin.

We have enough enemies of the Catholic Church today without us priests quarreling in public amongst ourselves. Have a good day and pray for the Cardinals…and I don’t mean the baseball team.

  • Amy Giglio

    I’m glad you did that, Father. You are better than that post.

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  • Andrew

    Was not everything you said true? What this priest said – on a national forum, no less – misrepresents the church’s teaching, and trys to conform the mind of Christ to the world. If you can’t your digital mouth about such things, then who will? What you said was perceptive and accurate.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Yes, but I will make these criticisms again in general terms rather than criticizing a particular priest in public. To do so without knowing him or discussing with him is uncharitable.

  • AnneG

    I was disappointed in that article in general. Your remarks were very good. Lisa’s too. Fr Martin’s were the same stuff from the Maryland Jesuits who walk a very fine edge of orthodoxy while letting those who listen to them fall off the narrow way and plummet into hell, because they are being so solicitous in considering their opinions. I’m pretty sure San Nachito had a few choice words in heaven for that articleand for Fr Martin.

  • Fr. Jack Bentz SJ

    Now that was classy on your part to take down that post. You have my respect. God bless.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Thanks. I flubbed.

  • marlon

    I will pray for BOTH sets of Cardinals! :)

  • FW Ken

    As a Texas Rangers fan, I’ll be praying for only one set of cardinals this week.

    I’m sure you good folks will understand.

  • Wills

    Classy indeed to admit to an error, remove the post and apologize. Well done. I read all the articles and there’s something valuable in all of them. And something wrong in all of them, too, even yours. I try to be mindful of my own axiom: we will all mess it up, just in different ways……I look forward to reading your more considered posting on the subject!