Papabile Profile

Here’s my profile of Cardinal Schonborn.

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  • Ryan M.

    Father, your profiles have been excellent reading. Of course, we’ve no idea which of these men will be going into the “Room of Tears,” but I find your articles very helpful in getting to know the men who are leading the Church. Thanks for writing them!

  • Mary

    Did you see this ? Regarding Cardinal Ouellet? He seems to be carrying baggage…

    • Victor

      (((He seems to be carrying baggage… )))
      Only because some say so Mary and I hate to see what might become of some who say stuff about others who have not been con vic ted, I mean convicted yet! :)


  • FW Ken

    I agree with you, Father, about Cardinal Schoenberg. While acknowledging that the American media may distort the situation in Austria, it appears that the cardinal may well have failed to deal effectively with dissent and secularization in his Church.

    Ah, SNAP! So they have blacklisted a cardinal because he didn’t “fire” another cardinal (as though he could) for hitting on grown men 30 years ago. Can you say “jumped the shark”?

  • jeff

    Ambiguous? If he presented that dissenting Austrian group’s demands to the pope then he’s ambiguous alright.  

    He ordered that a practising homosexual serve on a parish council against the wishes of the parish priest. He oversaw a blasphemous art exhibition in his cathedral museum that featured a mockery of da Vinci’s last supper presented as a homosexual orgy. When the ensuing outrage caused it to be pulled down schonborn did not apologise to the church or make public reparation to the sacred heart but apologised to the perverts responsible for the outrage.

    I haven’t even started on his balloon-mass farce…

  • Joseph

    Father – Thank you for providing these profiles for us.
    I enjoy visiting and always leave with at least one nugget of wisdom