Rich Veep Poor Pope

Caption Competition. To get you going: Biden’s Hotel Bill for one night in London: Half a million bucks. Go here.

Or should the headline be reversed: Poor Veep. Rich Pope?

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  • Julie C.

    Redeem the firstborn donkey with a lamb, but if you do not redeem it, break its neck.

  • Julie C.

    The prince and the pauper

  • RMT

    Pope Francis was immediately drawn to help those at the reception who were (spiritually) poor

  • Dom

    “Oh come on, Frankie. It was only half a million. The other half is going to to the poor, I swear!’

  • Brent

    “Really, I’m Catholic. I promise.”

    “Let go of my hand, please.”

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Isn’t this the same Joe Biden whose tax records show him to be one of the stingiest and cheapest politicians in D.C. when it comes to charitable donations?????

  • Matt

    Note to self: “need to wash my hands…”

  • anton

    “I work for Obama,…..Who is it that you work for……. again??????”

  • Hamish Redux

    No, Mr Biden, I’m not changing Catholic teaching on abortion and same-sex marriage. And your excommunication is in the post.

  • RobJ

    Hi, Monsignor! I’m not a Catholic, but I play one on TV!

  • Karl F.

    “Please allow to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.”

  • elmcc

    DOPE meet Pope.

  • Michael

    Nevermind the fact that the hotel bill is for 136 individuals totaling 893 room nights, which includes State Department teams, Secret Service, and other members of the government attache. Or that Vice President Biden has literally nothing to do with the selection of which hotel he stays at (that would be up to the advance team). Or that this is how foreign trips work for both Democrats and Republicans, and that one could easily pull up the exact same sort of bills for President Bush or Vice President Cheney. Much easier simply to cite out-of-context statistics in an effort to impugn someone with whom you disagree. (Sigh)

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      You don’t seem to get it. I’m disgusted with Cheney and Bush too.

      • Tom

        Although, faithfully speaking, I think George Bush is a better “Catholic” than Joe Biden. (or Nancy Pelosi)

    • margretto

      $500 a night! I’ve never stayed in a htoel that cost $500 a night. And I agree with Father I’m disgusted with Bush and Cheney myself. We don’t have a gov’t that is for the people any more it is for itself, self-serving. I hope Pope Francis gave him a book on Catholic morality like he gave to The President of Argentina.

  • JJG

    VP: The American President wants to know how to become as popular as you. Pope Francis: Feed My Sheep

  • SMS

    I saw this after i read an article where Biden refused to kiss the pope’s ring (and that of the queen when he met her) because his mother taught him not to “lower himself.” Considering that, none of this is surprising. I understand security needs will dictate a pricy bill, but this seems outlandish even at that.

  • Patrick

    Over at the news site, at least one editor has pointed out that VP Biden could have saved on the hotel bill with which he stuck U.S. taxpayers by staying at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, which is actually a nice facility that could also have accommodated his oversize retinue.