Old Monk on Love of God

Novice: Should I love God or fear God? 

Old Monk: You should fear the Love of God.

  • Psy

    Why should your fear?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Because God’s love will consume you.

      • Psy

        No, that’s not it.

        • Darren Szwajkowski

          If that is not it, then what is it? It’s so easy to say no but it seems that it is so hard to state your case. Anyway, Fr. is right. Moses could see the face of God and live until he took on his people’s sin. Then he could no longer see God’s face, otherwise he would of died.
          Anyway, I had a little epiphany, if you can call it that. When Jesus said that the one unforgiveable sin was against the Holy Spirit. I always wondered why he said that. I thought, you sin against God, the Father and the Son and be forgiven but you could not sin against the Holy Spirit and be forgiven. Why the contradiction to His Mercy. Then, out of nowhere, while I was shaving, a thought just came into my head. Who is the Holy Spirit. Well, the Holy Spirit is the Love between the Father and the Son. And then bam. I understood. The sin against the Holy Spirit is the rejection of God’s love. Those who go to hell go there by their own choice, their own rejection of God’s love, their rejection of the Holy Spirit.

        • Recusant

          Reread the Song of Songs then.

  • u3

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”~Proverbs 9:10