Blogged Out

Is anybody still out there? I realize I haven’t blogged for over a week.

Sort of exhausted by radio show, newsletter, blog, Twitter, FB and all the other communications. Is there a name for this?

Media Exhaustion?

I expect my muses will kick back in before too long, but I hope readers will be patient as May is a particularly busy month of the year….

Oh, I forgot, I’m also trying to finish Slubgrip Instructs —  the sequel to The Gargoyle Code.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    It’s ‘brain drain.’ Thinking is hard work, that’s why so few people do it. :)

    • Darren Szwajkowski

      It is hard work. “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried” – G. K. Chesterton
      I thoroughly enjoyed the Gargoyle Code. Can’t wait for Slubgrip Instructs.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Despite missing your nuggets of wisdom – my fix – I was glad you hadn’t been posting as I’d assumed you’d got a life. Obviously not. :)
    You’ve had your holiday. What about a retreat?