Feedback Please

One of the tabs at the top of the blog is for my Archived Articles. I have posted a number of my articles written for other periodicals, websites and papers.

Does anyone use this facility? Would you like me to expand it? How could it be made easier for you to use?

Feedback to the combox please.

  • Jennifer Fitz

    Haven’t used that feature yet. Most convenient thing for me would be if you’d make a short post on this blog when you put up a new article, or when one from the archives is particularly timely. Getting this blog in the feed reader is how I find out what you’ve written, so if it’s not posted here, it doesn’t exist.

  • TheReluctantWidow

    I am a convert and as I stumbled across your Dec dia-blog with Frank Viola, your conversation touched on a theme I am hearing in conversations with Evangelicals. I keep hearing “I want freedom.” “I am tired of being subjugated by my pastors who think I have nothing to contribute because I am a woman…” The list goes on. So they create these loosey-goosey house churches to experience “pure Christianity
    ” pas they perceive it. I thought your responses to Mr. Viola were spot on and not snarky, but given in the interest of real, honest dialog. Would love to see more.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Hi Father.
    Haven’t been visiting much recently. Bit busy. So I haven’t had time to reply to this one until now. But I thought it important as it’s the least I can do considering how much you do for us!

    I haven’t used it yet. I tend to use Google to find your articles (“primitivism” “cogburn”, etc) using the Google
    site: operator, which restricts searches to your blog only.

    - Or I use the search on the header/the tag cloud, here.

    What you’ve got in the categories looks good, but I think to make it comprehensive, it’d take hours and hours of your time, and you do enough already for which I’m immensely grateful. Yours is one of the few blogs which doesn’t have an ‘edge’ which grates on an Englishman!

    Thank you for all you do.

    PS Your Apologetics link on the Archive seems to go to the WordPress login.