Visit to Houston

I will be visiting the great metropolis of Houston at the end of July. I can stay an extra day in case anyone in that part of the world would like me to visit their parish for a speaking engagement. If so…be in touch by email.

  • Draw_John

    Father, Houston is a great city. Here’s a helpful checklist for your trip:

    1. You’ll be in Houston in late July
    2. It’ll be hot.
    3. I’ll be really hot.
    4. It’s going to be brain-meltingly hot.
    5. It’ll be humid.
    6. It’ll be really humid.
    7. Did I mention that it’ll be hot?

    Nonetheless, you should take in an Astros game, hit a couple of museums, and by all means, eat some Tex-mex. The shadier hole-in-the-wall kind of joint you can find, the better. (Don’t forget the margarita. You’ll need it.)


  • FW Ken

    Astros a waste. Sorry to say, since they were the first major league team I ever saw play in person – at the then-new Astrodome.

    You won’t forget about Our Lady of Washingham, of course. I sang at Fr. Hough’s diaconal ordination last year and attended the priestly ordination.

    Don’t forget about the heat… and the humidity… no chance of that, thought.

  • Gabriel Castillo

    Fr. I have an interesting idea. I work at St. Theresa’s. And you will be visiting our parish.

    It has been weighing heavily upon me to make a video promoting/encouraging ad orientem… at least putting it in a positive light.

    Then yesterday at our meeting Fr. mentioned that you would be coming to Houston.

    I make BEAUTIFUL films… you may have seen this one “The Altar Server”.

    The short on Ad Orientem will reach far and wide… let me know if you are interested.

    God bless you!