Francis the Reluctant Pontiff

The editors at Aleteia website have commissioned me to be their official Pope Watcher. My job is to watch when Pope Francis pops up in the secular press, and provide comment. Here is my latest:

  • Rationalist1

    Despite being an atheist, I have been impressed by this pope’s initial talk about economic and social issues and not just the sexual sins. While I don’t know how far he will push this and whether social injustices will garner the same condemnation as sexual sins he has the potential to make some positive change in this increasingly unjust world. It will be interesting to see if how conservative Catholics react and wonder if they’ll become the “cafeteria Catholics” that so many liberal Catholics became.

  • Michael

    “Conservative” [note the quotes] Catholics are already cafeteria Catholics.

    Starting way back with Humanae Vitae, the recent Popes have *all* drawn clear connections between problems of the economy and problems of the family, which all we chattering “modern intellectuals”, whether “progressive” or “conservative” or whatever, have tried to ignore because they are rather inconvenient to our pathetic agendas.

  • Michael

    RE: the actual article :)

    The Church has developed somewhat since the time of Paul & Timothy (as your article necessarily acknowledges in the case of episcopal celibacy).

    The Papacy has developed with the Church as a whole and it carries a new type of martyrdom, presumably mostly hidden, though akin to that of the early days.

    Martyrdom is to admired but I suppose not directly desired.