Pope Francis and the Lavender Mafia

Go here for my piece for Aleteia on Pope Francis and the “gay lobby.”

  • David Zelenka

    I’m going to lay out the primary issue here, I might get shot down, and heaven forbid, I could even be wrong. But what men and priests with homosexual proclivity need to first do is to stop the act of self-love. Our society has become addicted to it. Priests have become addicted to it. It is an easy and treacherous road. For many boys it’s where they have their first bouts with addition. It is in the act of self love that we learn to love the physical nature of ourselves. This then is applied outward toward others. We love that which is like ourselves rather than the opposite. And when we do that we become physically and mentally addicted to the chemicals released during the acts of self-love. And like any addiction we need something better with more kick to satisfy.

    Yes, you’re right, a witch hunt is not the solution. But the solution is first for people to learn to kick the habits of their youth at an early stage. Men need to learn to be men and not carry adolescent games into adulthood. The less these people are under the influence of these chemicals, the more clearly they will see what is sin and what is not. That goes for all of us.

    This is first and foremost an issue of being a man. Men were created with this strong drive, but the fulfillment of this drive is in culmination of a family. And all the difficulties that go into being a dad and a wife, tame our mighty drives quite effectively. Celibate priests have those same drives also, but they can’t act on them or they will become addicted. And they must be taught not to. They can’t shepherd effectively if they are doing that. Dad’s can’t shepherd effectively if they are doing that. Our ability to love morphs into a beast.

    • ytc

      I’m sorry, for the life of me I can’t decide if what you really mean here is masturbation. Is that to what you are referring?

      • David Zelenka

        Yes, however, it goes beyond that: general narcissism has a similar effect.

  • Gordis85

    “No matter how complex the situation, the problem will be solved not first by punishment and banishment, but by renewal and reform from within the human heart. This renewal and reform requires a return to the gospel ideals of Christ-like simplicity, self sacrifice and service–ideals which Pope Francis lives out and which the rest of the priests in the Catholic Church should emulate.”

    After reading your article and the one published by Whispers in the Loggia, I got to thinking that we are all in for a real challenge and call to conversion. I have a sense that no matter who is speaking these days, whether it be Papa Francis or anyone else, it seems no one is listening or that no one cares.

    We need another flood or some holy fire to fall from the sky to wake us up and clean us up. Wishful thinking on my part though since those two options are too easy and our call requires the more arduous road of conversion…self denial, death of vanity and pride, the true call of carrying our cross and the long and bloody road of Calvary…May the good Lord help us all starting with Papa Francis on down.

  • daisy

    But is he going to actually do anything about it? It’s long past time to admit that these guys exist. When are they going to be rooted out?

  • mattheusmei

    i think they prefer to be called the “Mauve Hand”

  • Sir Louis

    Pope Francis is certainly not referring to a network of homosexually inclined but sexually quiescent men. The gay lobby is not going to reform itself but must be rooted out. If leftist homosexuals try to deflect the attention to conservative celibates, that has to be guarded against, but the effort to eliminate both active homosexuals and homosexual ideology must go forward with, frankly, ruthless determination.

  • David Zelenka

    I’ve prayed about this problem and I think I know the solution. In fact, it’s probably the only solution. As odd as it may sound, the solution is for our Church to become poor: spiritually and financially–just like Pope Francis said early on. We are already poor spiritually–or should feel that way. But will we, like the rich young man, go “away sad, because” of our great wealth?

    The Vatican, the church must become poor. We must strive to be poor and humble. I don’t think there is any other solution. The practical application is simply thus: “Go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Yes, Jesus meant exactly what he meant it to mean. We must do it as the body of Christ.

    Without wealth, those who are corrupt will no longer seek the institution for power and prestige.

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

    It starts with me.