Where’s Fr Longenecker?

Dear Blog readers, I’m sorry for my absence over the last few days. Here was my schedule: June 15-16 – Birthday and Father’s Day and some celebrations with friends and family. June 17-19 – Three days holed up at lakehouse with no internet to finish Slubgrip Instructs –the sequel to Gargoyle Code. During this time I have also had to plan a trip to England because my sister, who lives there is very sick. Prayers for her please! Her name is Denise. Now trying to tie up details in parish before going to England for eight days.

The other reason for not blogging may be because I got a juicer for my birthday and all that fresh juice has altered my brain waves…

I’ll try to blog again soon.

  • gcatherinev

    Dear Father, we will keep her in our prayer

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Good on you!
    I hope you’ve enjoyed the break.
    Praying for your sister…