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Interior, St Barnabas, Oxford

St Barnabas Church, Oxford

St Barnabas, Oxford

During my recent visit to England I had a chance to stop by one of my favorite Anglican churches: St Barnabas in the Jericho district of Oxford.

I took lots of photos for our architect. There are many similarities in architecture and design.

Today we had a sizable and very generous donation to our building fund. We’re making progress! For more information on the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, go here.

  • Nigell

    You will have noticed that the North wall of the nave is decorated whilst the South wall is plain. It was a Tractarian custom, following the practice of the early church, for men and women to be seated separately; the women on the North side and the men on the South. The story goes that when it was decided to decorate the nave, the women were to raise the money for their side and the men for theirs. The women reached their target first and so decoration began on the North side. As the decoration proceeded it was admired by the men seated on the South side, who quickly realised that it was the North wall that they actually saw. Somehow the funds to decorate the South wall were never raised.

  • Kathleen

    your building a Catholic church, not an anglican church Fr.