The Crescat and the Chupacabra

 Did our own Crescat have a paranormal visitation? Was it the Chupacabra? On Facebook she reports:

I just saw this… a shadowy animal, smaller than a deer, bigger than a dog, lean and shaped like a great dane, about the size of a mastiff. It wasn’t furry, or it least it had a short coat so I thought… deer. Until it darted toward me, growled like a dog, hissed like a cat, than lept over the fence and took off running on TWO LEGS!!!!!… this was like some giant hairless dog… It was definitely K9, by the shape of the body and the gait as it ran at me. But the leaping over the fence and taking off on it’s hind legs really freaked me out.

My oh my. What evil lurks in the North Carolina mountains? As it happens I am sitting on the front porch of the Trufant family who run two fantastic camps in these same hillbilly regions near Brevard–not far from Katrina’s spooky sighting. There will be more about Camps Kahdalea and Chostonga from me later in the summer as I will be back here with Pat Madrid to help teach at the Envoy Institute’s Apologetics Camp.

But what did Katrina and her son Tom see? When we are confronted with an inexplicable sighting–something that might be a paranormal experience the first thing we do is find a natural explanation. So Katrina’s FB comments are full of ideas: it was a mountain lion with mange, a coyote with mange, a big dog or cat.

Well then, why did it appear hairless and run away on two legs? The next explanation is that Katrina saw a natural phenomenon like a mountain lion or a coyote, but it was dark, the animal was in the shadows, the human mind plays tricks of perception. The human imagination fills in the blanks and makes us “see” things that are not “there” in a scientifically verifiable way.  This doesn’t mean the person who saw the thing was making things up. The way perception works is not always straightforward.

Another possibility is the one put forward by Patrick Harpur in his book Daimonic Reality. Harpur argues that there is another realm of reality which is accessed through the human collective unconscious. His theory (for in can never be more than a theory) is that humans have all sorts of experiences which we term paranormal, and that these experiences are real–but not real as our physical world is real. Instead these beings-leprauchauns, monsters, aliens, bigfoot, little people, mythical beasts etc etc are all part of the vast unexplored realms of human imaginationand that in some inexplicable way we project these beings into our world and “see” them. Sometimes they even have the power to imprint on the physical senses and the physical world–leaving a crop circle, the scorch mark from a UFO landing or a footprint. However, they are not real in the sense that you will capture a Loch Ness Monster, an alien or the Abominable Snowman.

The orthodox Catholic answer is that there are such things as demons and sometimes they can manifest in the physical world–taking over the bodies of human beings and animals.

So what did Katrina and Tom see in the North Carolina woods?

I don’t know. Ask them…

  • Heloise1

    In my part of Texas and in the northern parts of Mexico the chupacabra is sighted often. Zapata Texas used to have a chupachabra festival that was well attended. Out here sightings seem to go up during periods of drought and, interestingly, political unrest.

    My own opinion is that they are demons. Of course, now the very real demons and monsters that lurk along our southern borders come in human form. The narcoterrorists, or sucarios, as we call them, certainly are real and the numbers of their victims truly is legion.

  • Richard

    Werewolf. Yup, definitely a big ‘ol North Carolina werewolf. Or perhaps a primitive baptist. Both can be frightening creatures when come upon unawares. :>)

    • Katrina Fernandez

      We got those here in these parts too. Primitive Baptists, that is.

  • hotboogers

    Ya know, crop circles are human creations. There’s even an interest group in the UK about them, photographing them, researching how to make them. It’s actually quite low tech, but high math. The farmers who are victimized (or is that victimised in Brit-speak?) by the damage to their crops are even fighting back by cutting out the formations as soon as they find them … kind of like how prompt cleaning of graffiti tends to reduce the incidence of it …

  • Michael Lindner

    My kids saw something similar here in NJ in our backyard at dusk. They came running in, white as sheets. I went out to look and hear the thing yowl and run off FAST through the bushes. Needless to say we stayed in that evening.

  • obpoet

    Perhaps it was what Carlos Castaneda referred to as an “Ally”. To read him, there is definately a separate reality out there.

  • Nan

    I was thinking Werewolf, too. And thanks, Heloise, I don’t know much about Chupacabras but was thinking they were Mexican & SW US critters. Good theory about the demons.

  • John Smith

    Tazmanian tiger?