The Mysterious Importance of the Virgin of Aparecida

Go here for my latest piece on Aleteia–Why is the Virgin of Aparecida–the symbol of Catholic Brazil so important? It’s all tied in with miracles and the Immaculate Conception…

  • David Zelenka

    Interesting read…

    To me, the importance of the dogma the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin has wholly to do with who the Church is. God will not allow a stained bride be with the Bridegroom. The Church is the Bride and Mary is known as the New Jerusalem as we learn from Revelation. Christ’s bride is pure and holy from the get go. The New Jerusalem is the Church that all Christians are baptized into her. She (the Immaculate Conception) is the body into whom we are all are baptized–grafted into as Paul explains. And we wait for the day of the Wedding and the Feast when the marriage ceremony is complete. We long for it and work towards it through loving acts and through the cleansings of the sacraments–which are Jesus manifest.

    I’d be curious to find out why you think: “The Americas are the ultimate battleground in the war between secular, godless humanism and the divine mercy of God in the world.” It may very well be true. But how can you be so sure?