The Pope Should Not Have a Posh Popemobile!

He should use one of these

h/t Fr Z

  • Martin V.

    the look on John Paul’s face is priceless :)

  • Faithr

    Lol! You are right! Simpler is always better!

  • Heloise1

    That would certainly take some practice. I wonder if it makes you queasy?

  • vox borealis

    Yes! Bring it back! And it uses green technology, too.

  • jaybird1951

    Pope John XXIII said the sedia gestatoria made him queasy at times but tolerated it because the people could see him better that way.

  • AnneG

    Amen! You’re right. We have all this stuff stuck in closets in the Vatican, like family heirlooms. We really oughta use ‘em.
    Btw, that’s why BXVI started using the red Mozzetta with ermine, he found it in the back of a closet and he was cold. Really!

  • boinkie

    funny, but of course, the problem is security…the popemobile is about bullet proof windows, not about luxury.