The Pope’s Prophetic Option for the Poor

Here is my latest article for Aleteia: What is the significance of Pope Francis emphasis on poverty and the poor?

  • David Zelenka

    Exactly, Fr. L.

    There’s a 4th level of all this. I believe that if he really continues with this push, he will truly transform the Church and heal its many self-inflicted wounds. He seems to be pursuing a macro-fasting for the Church. It is when we fast that we truly learn our dependency on God and are transformed more to the likeness of Christ. If Pope Francis continues, the Church will learn this lesson once again and in doing so will be more bonded with Christ Jesus. And likewise, if we follow through, we will be once again a suffering Church, because we will be attacked from more sides.

    As long as the Church is rich in worldly wealth and poor in the Kingdom’s Spirit, we will be embraced by the world. When we turn from that, we will be hated by the world. Then the Kingdom of Heaven is truly near.