Caption Competition

  • AnneG

    Oh, Nó! Not “To Be your Bread, Now” again!

  • Richard

    “It’s okay. The Deacon’s homily will be over soon!”

  • Richard

    “I agree. The incense was a bit strong this morning.”

  • NotAParishioner

    Shhh! You’ll wake Father up!

  • AbsalomH

    The praying excuse won’t work. You’re snoring!

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    He said, ‘It is now time for our intercessions’, not ‘It is now time for an intermission’!

  • hotbradnsc2

    Father had just announced that the Parish would be sponsoring the semi-annual meeting of US WomanPriests when David passed out and hit his head on the wall…..

  • tracymoschelspenst

    “Mom assured us that serving Mass wouldn’t kill us!”

  • Fr Garrett

    The Roman Canon AGAIN?!

  • Christopher Range

    Hmm, he has a pulse. Maybe he’s been slain in the spirit.

    (Convert joke)