Sitting in the Hot Seat

Over on the Evangelical channel, my friend Frank  Viola interviews me with some questions that are hot topics for Evangelicals: celibacy for priests, what difference will the new pope make, will the Catholic Church change on contraception, married priests and abortion? Go here.

  • Fr. Kenneth Allen

    Eh; Eh; No; Eh; No. Can they not just read the Catholic Church’s documents online these days?

  • Manny

    You gave perfect answers, succinct but filled with the nuance required. Very well done.

  • Augustine

    Fr. D,

    Is my understanding correct that the rule of celibacy comes from the practice of the catholic priest offering the sacrifice of the mass daily, which then, due to the rule to abstain from women for a period preceding the sacrifice, would preclude the exercise of the marital act? This is obvious in the case of bishops, who were indeed married early in history, but were supposed to live continent marriages, yet also applies to priests and deacons. Due to difficulty in enforcing this doctrine, did the Church then preferr celibate priests in the West and no daily masses in the East?