Colbert vs. Gary Wills

Stephen Colbert takes on the mis guided “catholic” writer Gary Wills about St Augustine and the Real Presence. Go here. I invited that Stephen Colbert to come to our parish to do a fund raiser once. He wrote back a real nice letter saying how much he’d love to re-visit SC, but was too busy. Alas.

  • Long-Skirts


    To the Nuclear
    Plant I went
    With wafered host
    I was hell-bent.

    Exposing wafered un-
    Consecrated host
    To radiation
    Now nuked toast.

    Offered heretic
    “Taste and see.”
    “Oh no!” He cried
    “That’s not for me!”

    “But look, ” I said,
    “Nothings changed…
    A still white wafered
    Host arranged.”

    “Though looks the same
    Could do much harm!”
    The heretic knew
    Exclaiming alarm.

    As Catholics know
    A spiritual radiation –
    Daily at Mass