No More Monsignori

Deacon Greg says the Pope is no longer going to be creating Monsignors. That does it. That’s the only thing I keep slaving away hoping for. I’m never going to be a  bishop, but I was hoping that I might just make monsignor. I know, I’m going to get in touch with Gamarelli and get myself one of those dandy cassocks with red buttons, the purple sash and piping, a snazzy purple feriaola and a purple pom for my biretta anyway.

I mean, if there are no longer going to be monsignore, then the fancy gear doesn’t mean anything and I can wear it with impunity. If the other clergy object I can say–”It means nothing. Just a splash of color that’s all.”

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  • Suzy

    In our diocese we went for years with no one being named monsignor. Enter a new bishop and a whole bunch were named, some pretty young. Enter new pope no more monsignors. That’s okay the best priests out there don’t really seem to care about extra titles. Our hard working pastor doesn’t appear to be working for anything other than his love for God and his people. Would that we had thousands more like him. He’s done so much more for our parish than his predecessor who was named a monsignor.

  • Heloise1


  • frjim.stmj

    as long as there is a pin in your pom to hold your hair…..oh, never mind…..useless, like the title stuff…, our latest rounds in our diocese were, for the most part, friends of the vg who simply studied with him…the olkd say in rings true….every time they gave out the red, it made few very blue!

  • priest’s wife

    my husband still has hope to be made a ‘proto-pop’ (archpriest) because we are sui juris! ;)

  • Jeanne G.

    A priest friend of mine was (jokingly, I think) lamenting this yesterday… He said something like “Just as I got old enough…” But I’m sure he knew that even if the Holy Father was still naming monsignori, we have too many in the Diocese of Columbus.

  • jedesto

    Good for Pope Francis!
    Monsignor is equivalent to the British “M’Lord.” So I say good riddence!

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Yeah, but those who are Monsignori, say, ‘It means nothing. Just a splash of color that’s all.’, too (whilst secretly delighting in the fact).

    So, at least you can feel vindicated in your envy by avoiding pride. :)

  • Nathan718

    Am I the only one who misses the older, nicer clerical clothing of yesteryear? It particularly saddens me when I see my bishop after I happen to watch Fulton Sheen reruns on EWTN. As much as I like Francis, I suppose this pontificate isn’t going to see any progress made on this issue.

  • John

    Just as Pope Francis has been lauded for his simplifying of the Papal accoutrements, this in my mind, is a symbol of simplicity for Priests, who ASPIRE, to become members of the Purple Sash clubs.
    In the Ordination Rite of a Priest, it says, ” May the Lord bring to completion, that which He has begun…..” Not he is more complete with a Monsignor title…..I know several priests who have begged their Ordinary to be assigned to Rome, with the sole purpose of after 5 years of service, they are given the title of Monsignor, only to return to their home diocese and show how young they are as a monsignor. I agree that this is a change, however, it has become too competitive of a thing, and not really given as a sense of recognition for ones service to the Vineyard of the Lord(For many obviously are well deserving of the title, and I do not wish to reduce their honor).

  • jaybird1951

    In Germany a monsignor was titled “Hauspraelat” or “prelate of the house” literally. Maybe you are the prelate in your household already, Mark.

  • jaybird1951

    Oops! That is what happens when one migrates back and forth between your web page and Mark Shea’s. My apologies monsignore.

  • kkollwitz

    No more Monsignor Quixotes, then.

  • Richard Stevens

    At the risk of taking something that, in the great cosmic scheme of things is not vital, and making a mountain out of a molehill, I am rather concerned when traditions are being progressively dismantled for no particularly cogent reason.
    Methinks our new Pope is a bit too preoccupied with appearing modern and progressive.