Obama Administration Attacks Nuns

Elizabeth Scalia highlights the iniquitous hypocrisy of the Obama Administration who will not exempt the Little Sisters of the Poor from paying for health care that includes abortion, contraceptives and sterilization. What kind of a creepy government have we elected who trumpet their concern for the poor and needy while imposing a crippling health care tax which makes the very sisters who are serving the poor pay millions of dollars in fines for living by their conscience?

The additional crime is that the sisters’ resistance to this outrage will be one of the few. Most “Catholic” hospitals, universities, colleges and schools will quietly go along with the government’s plans saying, “What can we do it’s the law of the land…” Therefore the few who hold out will be persecuted into submission. So it has always been–the vast majority capitulate so the few who do not are easily picked off.

Why do I think that most Catholic institutions will capitulate? Because they already have. Half the Catholics voted for Obama and what noises do we hear in opposition to the unfair law? They will capitulate then because they have already bought into the Spirit of the Age.

I am seeing storm clouds on the horizon. Fasten your seat belts.

  • Chesire11

    Perhaps if the republican Party would nominate someone who isn’t a mendacious buffoon pandering to the avarice of the moneyed, and ignorance of the masses, fewer Catholics would have voted for Obama.

    I’m sorry, but given the choice between a wolf and a wold in a sheepskin, I’ll take the unclad wolf. Both of them have the same intent, but at least one of them doesn’t insult my intelligence, and betray my trust before devouring me.

    • jaybird1951

      I assume you are referring to Romney, a man who has donated tens of millions to charity over the years and is known (quietly) for his personal generosity. How does such a man end up being called a “mendacious buffoon.”. How did he betray your trust exactly?

      • Chesire11

        I don;t vote for private charity, but for public policy, and Romney’s public policies were dishonest and buffoonish. His personal qualities may indeed by laudable. They are not, however, reflected in either his public policies or any semblance of integrity in the public sphere.

  • Zoe

    I’m starting to wish there was a rapture.

  • izzyabby

    38% of abortions are black babies, with Planned Parenthood, primarily located in poor black neighborhoods, carrying out the century old Eugenics goal of eliminating the “feebleminded”, “shiftless” and those likely to be a “drain on resources”. Poor whites and Latinos are targets as well.

    Sorry Sisters, everyone will shortly be extorted to pay for this grisly, brutal, and deeply racist procedure.

    The principle of serving the greater good will soon include eliminating unwanted infants and the infirm elderly as a cost saving measure. The ACA authority, and whatever the coming single-payer system is called, can and will be used to implement anything the State deems “necessary and appropriate”.

    Minimizing life has led us here, with all the attendant obfuscation about “helping the poor” and “freedom of choice”. Many Americans enthusiastically endorse this evil including every political stripe, and the president of the US.

    The future is not what it used to be.

    • Chesire11

      Planned Parenthood, like any other business, is chasing their market. They locate where they do not out of some scheme to eliminate the negro race, but because that is where the demand for their services is greatest. What they do is despicable, but it is done in pursuit of lucre, not racial purity.

      Your dire predictions about the ACA are similarly overwrought, as though private insurers aren’t even MORE motivated to “cut costs” than a government that is notorious for tolerating waste!

      All of that said, I completely agree with you that requiring the Sisters to contribute, directly or indirectly, to the moral scourge of abortion is scandalous and outrageous.

  • consumingflame

    Pray for Obama.

  • FW Ken

    Apart from requiring nuns to have coverage for contraception, abortion, and sterilization, imposing on these women is manifestly wicked. What they do is good, simply good and they should be left in peace to do it.

  • SCC

    “What can we do; it’s the law of the land?” They can go out of business in the U.S. and take their trade elsewhere. Conscience and charism may dictate serving the poor, but that can be done in ANY country. It need not be done in a country that doesn’t respect conscience rights.

  • Vic Christian

    Fr. Dwight – thank you for your comments. Although I am not a Catholic (was raised one), I am now a believer. The subject referred to in your third paragraph is frightening. Unfortunately many people who call themselves Christian or Catholic have bought into the “spirit of the Age”, and have not only agreed with it but encourage it and attack those opposed. Seems to verify Romans chapter 1, vs. 18 on.