The Parable of the Papal Interview

Joanne McPortland parabalizes on the papal interview:

Hear this!

A pope went out to give an interview. And as he talked, some of his words fell to the media, and those birds gobbled them up before they could even be heard.

Others of his words fell to those who didn’t understand his context. They received his message with joy, but the first time it occurred to them how difficult it would be to live by those words, their enthusiasm withered like seedlings in a drought.

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  • David_Naas

    An old science fiction writer, Parke Godwin, once wrote, “Your real religion is what you want the most.” What does this say about those who are busy being “sick-n-tired”, or “disheartened”, or “cautious” about Papa Francesco’s remarks?

  • mmatthew

    Either Pope Francis is the most ignorant Jesuit in history or he is sly as a serpent.
    Perhaps he doesn’t understand what he is saying is being seized upon by the liberals as a turning back the clock to the disasters of VII or perhaps he knows exactly what he is doing and playing the media for the fools that they are and exposing them to the world.
    I don’t know. I am so confused by this first 6 months of his pontificate that it makes me VERY upset and nauseous. I pray for it to be the latter but fear it may be the former.