Woody Allen Catholicism

Pat Archbold laments Woody Allen Catholicism in this post and advocates John Wayne Catholicism. Excuse me, but you heard about Rooster Cogburn Catholicism here first.

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    How about a resounding NEITHER to epicurean and to stoic Catholicism? Aren’t these the ends of the narrow 5in spectrum that separates the malcontents of Vatican II and of Trent, those who think that the reforms in one council gave us Church 2.0 and in the other, Church 1.0, both just disagreeing on how long the Church was in beta version, 2000 or 1500 years? How about the one true, good and beautiful Church that Our Lord gave us, the one which gives rise to awe, love and joy?

    As a matter of fact, the actors chosen to depict both ends of this narrow choice say more about the American Church than about the Catholic Church, who could as well depict the narrow political spectrum of the American two-party system, or the welfare-warfare state that it engenders. The fact is that both actors come from the same place, Hollywood, a place that knows it’s customers very well.

    If anything this is the dichotomy that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Nordic cultures face, particular to them and far from universal or catholic.