Duck Dynasty and the Dowager Countess

Brantley Millegan opines here about the secret of redneck show  Duck Dynasty’s success.

What’s the secret to its success? Compared to most of what’s on TV, but especially compared to other reality TV shows, Duck Dynasty is clean, family fun – even more so than it appeared to be early on. Phil Robertson recently explainedthat bleep-outs in earlier seasons were fake: they weren’t actually swearing, but the show’s producers thought adding the illusion that they were would make the show more interesting. When he realized this, Phil confronted the producers, who subsequently stopped adding the fake bleep-outs.

I think it has more to do with the fact that people are fed up with face lifted stars and filmed fakery. The Duck people seem authentic.

I haven’t seen it. I’m waiting for Downton Abbey.

Now that would be an interesting bit of television. Dowager Countess falls in love with Duck Dynasty guy…

  • FW Ken

    Maggie Smith rocks.

  • Augustine

    What is TV? After over a year without one, I don’t miss it. As a matter of fact, I feel like rehabilitated, as after one is detoxed. Having had the opportunity to have a TV remote in my hands a few months ago and pressing the button to channel the channel a dozen times, I wanted to vomit at what I had seen: such mindless, soul crushing scenes that go for entertainment in this day and age.

    PS: I now only stream select choices, including “Downton Abbey”. ;-)

  • Romulus

    The similarity is that Phil Robertson’s speech, like that of all genuine nobility, is unfiltered: he speaks frankly — i.e. freely — exactly what is on his mind, with no bourgeois concern about shocking or offending his hearers. Like the countess, he is perfectly comfortable in his own skin, knowing who he is and utterly uninterested in impressing others. It is a middle class affliction preoccupation to be constantly mindful of one’s manners out of fear of losing one’s place in society or failure to advance therein. Truly free people (and I would include monks and other religious) never give it a moment’s thought.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    The producers also attempted to take out the way the show ends which is with the family gathered around the dinner/supper table praying before their meal. Phil also told them ‘no prayer, no show.’ Bleeping out profanity does not make the show more interesting, it makes it more annoying.