Evangelism – From One Beggar to Another

Joanne Mc Portland muses here on the difference between proselytizing and evangelizing.

We are sent—missioned, all of us—to preach the Good News of salvation and to welcome those who hear and long for it. Nothing we do is more important than this—letting God’s children come to him, and not impeding them from that encounter.

The balance is between words and works. Works on their own are simply good works and all we do is set a good example and confirm in people’s minds that all that is necessary is to be nice people. Words on their own are often no more than a list of things to be believed or a set of moral principles which are expounded.

Truly vital evangelization is when the words and works combine in a life that is radiantly different and more abundant than everything else on offer. But that requires that very difficult quality called sanctity…

  • Tito

    “… and that difficult quality called sanctity.” From a purely human point of view,
    sanctity is not only difficult but impossible to attain. It is pure grace, a
    pure gift from God. It is Christ living in us by His Spirit that makes us
    saints. Our job is to accept Him into our lives and by His grace permit Him to transform us into the beings God created us to be in the first place, and Christ came to recreateafter we lost our gift of being God’s children through sin.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Yep. Both/And.