Friday Night with the Dark Lord

Three Patheos bloggers meet for dinner in Seattle the Crescat, the Dark Lord Shea -uman and Padre

Katrina Fernandez–The Crescat– and I had the chance to meet and greet the Dark Lord Shea-uman during our visit to Seattle to speak at a conference organized by Josh Johnson at Our Lady Star of the Sea parish in Bremerton. Mark writes about the exciting encounter here.

 I took them down the waterfront, past Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and various restaurants on the piers.  We strolled past the giant ferris wheel and the Seattle Aquarium and finally came to a pier with an unimpeded view of the sun going down over the Olympics.  Unbelievably gorgeous.  Both Fr. Dwight and Katrina were cold, due to their wimpy and thin Southern blood that resembles chicken broth (Washington blood is more like thick and chunky minestrone).  Also, you can see the Space Needle from there and there’s pretty much no point in coming to Seattle if you don’t get to ogle the Space Needle.  So they feasted their eyes and were gratified.  I told them if they ever came back I would take them on the Nickel Tour of Seattle and let them see Pike Place Market, the Science Fiction Museum, Starbuck’s #1, and even Underground Seattle if they liked.  Eventually, we ambled back toward the ferry and stopped in at Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, where we took a gander at the various oddities such this genuine mummy:

Mark Shea with his date--Friday night in Seattle

Mark Shea with his date on Friday night.