In Christ Alone – Watch This Video

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Cut away from all the theology and church talk and watch this very moving and simple song and be amazed and touched by this young guy who sings all seven parts unaccompanied with passion and love. Bewdiful.

  • Johanna

    For all my complaints about modern church music (I am a classically trained professional oboists and former Anglican turned Catholic) this hymn is truly one of the gems of our modern time. It gives me goosebumps to hear everytime.

  • Dennis Ungs

    This is one of those few modern hymns–much more than your typical praise song–that makes the grade. It is a beautiful tune, is very singable, and tells the salvation story. Best of all, it brings our attention to the cross. I’m a classically trained organist at an Anglican church and we sing this often. It moves people of all musical tastes.

    Another similar moving modern hymn, “O Lamb of God, sweet Lamb of God,” (Twila Paris 1985) is well looking into.

  • Donette

    Such amazing talent! I was truly blessed to hear this song! May GOD continue to bless you.