Joining John Allen

John L Allen

Is there a John Allen fan club? I’m reading his Global War on Christians and yow is it good!

The great thing about Allen’s journalism is its professionalism. He does what journalists should do. He dig out the facts with thorough research, he organizes the information, presents it and analyzes it intelligently and compassionately and yet objectively and fairly.

Take his present subject. He shows that persecution of Christians worldwide is at an all time high and is continuing to escalate. However, he is careful to expose the myths surrounding this hot topic. The persecution is not only an Islamic issue. It is not right wing or left wing. It is not only where Christians are in the minority. He explores the whole problem and gives a fair and powerful analysis.

I’ll review this important book in more detail later, but suffice it to say at this point that this book along with his earlier volume, Future Church is required reading for anyone remotely interested in the future of faith in the world.

  • Thinkling

    Future Church is indeed excellent. Another feather in Allen’s cap is that he is honest as to the limits and uncertainties of his own speculations and syntheses. It helped me recognize how religiously myopic we American catholics can be sometimes. After reading some Pope Francis lately, I can see similar themes.

    Looking forward to his new book.

  • Manny

    Don’t ignore the portential persecution right here in our country. Besides the political and ideological attacks on Christitanity, there is also a growing physical attack. Did you see the hate crime on my home “town” of Staten Island (town in quotes because Staten Island is part of New York City, and that’s a little bigger than a town)?