ACA – Obama’s Iceberg

Dear Lord, please make the Affordable Care Act Obama’s iceberg . AMEN.

There now, a priest has got all political! Ooh! How awful!! What I find curious is that the priests and bishops who are left wing can be just as political as they like and express their views, but if a priest is more conservative in his opinions he is supposed to shut up.

Let’s get away then from particular politicians and talk about the disaster, the iceberg, the Waterloo that this Affordable Care Act will turn out to be –God willing.

The Anchoress opines here with her usual common sense, and after making some sensible suggestions for a solution winds up with this conclusion.

While not pretending to any sort of expertise, this column has just offered three alternatives, common sense ideas meant to solve the initial problem we were told necessitated the ACA: getting affordable coverage to people who needed it, including those with pre-existing conditions—which many group policies do cover. These are only frameworks, of course, and doubtless there are dozens of other ideas that can and should be explored, and quickly.

As this unpopular policy we call Obamacare begins to crumble from the weight of its own incompetent over-reach and mendacity, the opportunity may soon arise for policy reform, but if other voices do not have alternative plans already designed, thought through and set for discussion when an urgent solution is called for, there will be no option left in the political imagination but a single-payer program—managed by these same incompetents—and a nation full of frightened, uninsured people willing to turn to it.

Anybody with sense realizes that something has to be done about health care in the USA, (and in case anybody thinks padre is an extreme right wing nut case, my own opinion is that the British National Health Service is the lesser of two evils.) and Elizabeth makes the point that this legislation was driven not so much by common sense and the practical need to provide health care for needy people as it was to use the need for health care to impose ideological solutions on the American people. “Abortion, contraception, sterilization and sex changes WILL be available to all and you people who don’t need them  WILL pay for them.” You get the idea.

Elizabeth had her suggestions, here is another one: why not consider the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity? Solidarity says we should work together to provide a sensible level of health care for all our people. Subsidiarity says we should do so at the lowest possible local level.

Instead of a big government federal solution what would happen if we had health care districts like we have school districts? Local officials would be elected by local people and if they were inefficient or corrupt they’d lose their job at the next election. These folks would offer health insurance plans through local taxation. What you saved on not paying insurance you’d pay in local health insurance. Because the whole  population would be involved the costs would be spread effectively and cheaply. If the local plan wouldn’t work because poor areas would suffer with poorer tax rates and poorer facilities, then it could be done on a county or city wide basis.