Joseph Pearce on Beauty, Truth and Goodness

Don’t be gollumized…

Joseph Pearce contributes here to The Imaginative Conservative–writing on the “little Trinity” of Goodness, Truth and Beauty. These three are one in three and three in one. What is good is beautiful and true. What is true is beautiful and good. What is beautiful is true and good. Some however, hate what this little Trinity. So Pearce the Tolkien biographer coins a word: to be “gollumized”

It should perhaps be conceded that some souls have become so blinded and gollumized by sin that they prefer the darkness to the light. Such prideful souls are no doubt as beyond the reach of beauty as they are beyond the reach of goodness or truth. They are, however, a minority of humankind. The mass of humanity can still be touched by beauty, which is the light that can penetrate the chinks in the most hardheaded and hardhearted of armour.

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