Kissing Ugliness

Here is another article of mine for Aleteia published today. It is a meditation on Pope Francis kissing the man covered with warts and his embrace of another man whose face is horribly deformed. It goes to the heart of the matter and calls us to inner transformation.

Why did Damian de Veuster go to Molokai? He volunteered. Why did Isaac Jogues return to the Mohawks? He said he loved them. Why did Francis kiss a leper? Why did St. Catherine of Sienna kiss their sores? They saw beauty there. Why did Jorge Bergoglio kiss the diseased man and bless the disfigured? Why did they do such wildly outrageous things?

Were they showing off? Were they insane?
No. They were doing what they wanted. Something happened within these ordinary people to make them desire what most of us would run from, and run from what most of us desire.

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