Kreeft on Lewis


Peter Kreeft in Narnia?

This long article–is brilliant. It’s a paper Peter Kreeft presented to the C.S.Lewis Society in 1998 –the centennial of Lewis’ birth.

I was going to tell you how Lewis was responsible for the most memorable moment of the most memorable conference I ever attended. Dozens of high-octane Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant Evangelicals came together at Rose Hill in Aiken, South Carolina a few years ago for a full week of frank yet remarkably irenic discussion of our differences, and in the concluding session Fr. Fessio got up and proposed that we issue a joint statement of theological agreement among all the historic, orthodox branches of Christendom saying that what united us was scripture, the Apostles’ Creed, the first six ecumenical councils, and the collected works of C.S.Lewis. The proposal was universally cheered.

I would have concluded with some personal remarks, and given Lewis credit for 99% of whatever wisdom and 49% of whatever sanity I have in my head and my books, where he keeps cropping up like kudzu.

Kreeft’s essay is (as usual) smart, fast paced, witty and wise. Go here for the whole thing.