Loadsa Money!

So you buy this desk on Craigslist for a couple of hundred bucks and you have to take it apart to get it through the door of your apartment and you find $98,000.00 stashed behind one of the drawers.

What do you do? Here’s the true story of an honest young rabbi who returned the loot.

Wouldn’t you be tempted to maybe keep some of it anyway? What about keeping some of it to do some good–like making a donation to build a beautiful church or support an orphanage in Africa or donate it to the people in the Philippines?

I mean, finders keepers, losers weepers right? It’s not like the guy stole the money, and what if the person who sold the desk was filthy rich to start with? I mean, who hides $90K in a drawer? Only people who already have that much spare cash to start with right?

Would it be wrong to keep the money? To keep some of it? To donate it to a worthy cause?

What do you think?