Review of More Christianity

Catechist Jennifer Fitz writes a great review of my book More Christianity over here.

this is one of the best works of Catholic apologetics going: It is not for lazy people.

What do you get: Nuanced, carefully articulated explanations of the Catholic faith for those who are viewing the Church through an Evangelical lens.

What you don’t get: Pat answers, bullet-point proofs, and smug superiority.

What you do get: Immense respect for and appreciation of Fr. L’s Evangelical heritage, and by extension all that is good and true that Evangelicals bring to the Church today (and that we desperately need!).

What you don’t get: Milquetoast “find your own path” pseudo-Christianity.  Objective truth is real.  Either the Church is what she claims or she’s not, no reason to be nervous about it.

The text is perfectly readable for any educated layman, and the tone is conversational.

Read Jennifer’s whole review here.

The second edition of  More Christianity: Finding the Fullness of the Faith is published by Ignatius Press. If you’d like a copy of the first edition at a lower cost go to my website here.